You need to be doing this to be happy


photo (1)One important thing I’ve learned about living a life of happiness that’s full of richness is that it requires one very special ingredient – FUN!
No matter what is going on in your life if you are able to laugh and play you can endure anything! When you are having fun the heavy veils lift, the sky’s open and fairy dust comes pouring down to brighten your heart and give you a fresh perspective.
This time of year is perfect to add some fun into your life – there are so many festive things to do for the holidays.

Are you in?

I know you have a lot on your plate this month but before you say you don’t have time consider the cost of pushing yourself to exhaustion:
a. crazy stress that affects your health
b. short tempered – maybe even yelling at your kids unnecessarily
c. feeling disconnected in your relationships
d. insomnia
e. so tired you collapse at the end of the day only to get up the next day and do it all over again.

Woudn’t it be great to give your mind and body a break? To love yourself enough to say, “Hey, I deserve to enjoy my life and I know if I’m happy that’s going to flow out to my kids, partner, friends, co-workers and make everyone’s life happier!”

And that’s the key – it’s our connection to self and others that gives life it’s richness and adds meaning to our precious time on earth.

There is a ton you can do on your own or with friends and family this month. I have some annual traditions I’ll share with you plus other idea’s you can engage in to bring a sparkle to your soul:
a. Holiday walks on trendy shopping streets (The pic above is me and one of my best gal pals kicking off the holidays on Montana Ave in Los Angeles)
b. Listen to your favorite holiday songs and sing your heart out
c. Dance to Santa Baby while baking sugar cookies
d. Walk or jog thru a neighborhood with holiday lights (I did this the other night and went 6 miles I was so mesmerized!@)
e. Cozy up with a holiday movie and a cup of eggnog – ( have you seen The Last Holiday with Queen Latifah or Holiday with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz? Sooo feel-good happy!!)
f. Charity based home tours decorated for the season (just did this over the week-end with some friends and it was so festive).
g. Church music programs – doing this Sunday with several friends

Taking time for yourself is crucial but it’s also super important to touch base and reconnect with your girlfriends. This connection is critical for living a magnificent life – it allows you to taste a smidgeon of the carefree life we had before work and family responsibilities became our priority.

Your friends love you, laugh with you, and stand by your side when facing fears and upsets. They validate that you are not alone, crazy, or paranoid. They inspire, support and uplift you, providing the type of therapy that no money can buy because it’s all wrapped in loving care.

As a matter of fact, research now tells us friendships are even more critical to our health and well-being than family relationships. Just one more reason to revel in the joys of girl time this holiday season!!! Now go have some fun!!!!

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