Top Tip to Break Out of Your Rut

One of the reasons I love this season is because there is no shortage of opportunities to get out and have some fun. However, so many of us are stuck in the same old routine, hitting the same beaches, staying at the same hotels, and attending the same annual holiday BBQs. There’s nothing wrong with tradition – if that tradition brings you joy – but why not make this the “Summer of New Sparkling Adventures” by trying something you’ve never done before?!

Break Out of Your Summer Rut

I have a client who came to one of my workshops last summer. At the age of 50 that trip marked the first time she’d ever gotten onto a plane by herself! She’d come from a big family, married young, had kids and had never thought of going away without them. She confided that while she’d always wanted to do something for herself, she felt selfish even considering it.

A lot of women think it’s selfish to do something they want to do. They think, “I shouldn’t spend the money,” or they worry about what their families will think if they take off alone.

The truth is this: if you’re feeling a longing, an urge to do or experience something that would bring expansion, that’s God communicating to you. Telling you there’s more to life for you to experience – it’s like His personal whisper to grow, grow, GROW. When we ignore that signal, we deny ourselves the opportunity to live into our greatest potential and joy. We stop ourselves from standing more fully in our unique essence and diamond power.

New Experiences Are Always Positive

Most of us are afraid of trying new things because we worry that the experience will be a disaster, but know this, even if things go badly, you can still be proud of yourself for having the courage to do something different. Why that’s important for you to know is that any step you take outside your comfort zone builds confidence and will make you less wary of trying something new in the future.

When you open yourself to diverse experiences, you inevitably learn new things about yourself. Maybe you’ll discover that you’re not as shy as you thought you were or more adventurous or less afraid of the unknown. When you take the risk to add some variety to your life, you uncover so many beautiful flavors of your personality that lay dormant when you’re playing it safe.

For my client who had never traveled alone, attending that workshop helped her get in touch with a dream she didn’t even know she had. She was in a career that she liked but wasn’t as fulfilling as she wanted. Over the course of the weekend, she discovered that she wanted to become a coach. This was a desire that had been buried but came to the surface the more she opened up and got to know herself.

Seize the Day

Trying new things can feel very scary, especially if you’ve spent years trapped in a routine. But if you’re committed to changing your life and stepping into the best version of yourself, there’s no time to waste! Start believing that you deserve to do things; make the commitment and get out there!

What’s on your joie de vivre list? Something you dream of doing….someday…? Leave a comment below and let me know the steps you’re taking to make it happen! I can’t wait to hear!!



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