This is about YOU.

Let me interrupt your thoughts for just a moment to tell you something really important.
Don’t worry. It’s not about me.

It’s about YOU.

I’m here to remind you to put yourself first.

You’re a conscious woman. You’ve gazed down the path to your dreams.

You KNOW, with that intuitive kind of knowing, that a powerful happiness and a deeper fulfillment is out there waiting for you.

So why do you feel stuck? Worn out? Tired of pushing and pulling and struggling?

there’s an easier way to live what your soul knows – right down to the soles of your feet.

It’s about letting go of the way we’ve been taught to value other’s happiness over our own.

It’s about allowing our power to rise up and receiving what we deserve. You CAN have the love, money, health, and energy you want and need to create a balanced and amazing life.

It’s about embracing who we are as women.

Introducing Living The Feminine Way:

Successful women know how to use spirituality. 

A Free 3 hour LiveStream Training on 9/4 with six transformational hosts! 

Prema Lee Gurreri.Summer McStravick.
Nan Akasha. Sherri Nickols.
Julie Serot. Camden Hoch. 

We’ll teach you how to use your spirituality for success
in the areas of life that matter most.

Health. Money. Purpose. Love.

The three-hour live stream is FREE. All you have to do is reserve your seat!

Embracing our feminine power doesn’t mean putting other women down to get ahead. We may be told that we have to compete to survive, but when we help each other find the unique happiness we deserve 

Together, we become an unstoppable forceRise up!

That’s why I’m so inspired to be working together with five other successful, feminine, and truly brilliant women who have used their own spirituality to define what success means to them – and have gone out and made it happen.

Come spend some time with us!

Get comfy on your couch – and join our virtual living room.

Summer will empower you through the practice of Flow Dreaming to create and manifest your most amazing life beyond most women’s imaginings.

Nan’s been through big stuff. (No really, the BIG stuff.) She’ll show you how to get through it (ALL of it!) and blissfully into wealth.

Prema knows that no matter what you’re going through – it’s good for something – and can help you understand the right timing for your soul’s choices, how to trust your intuition and truly live on purpose.

Get your sparkle on with Sherri! Increase your passion and joy. Connect to your sensuality. And, yes, even fall in love!

Julie is making our virtual living room MOVE. Manage your energy through your body – and close the gap between frustrations, overwhelm, and stress to live the life of your dreams.

And Camden is filling us all with RADIANCE. Express and live fully through your gifts. Embody radiance in every area of your life – yes, even in business.

We are all finding our way and learning where to go.

And when we really listen to our soul, our energy and true calling can only pull us FORWARD.

Sometimes all it takes to get moving again is a little reminder:

Put yourself first. (And of course, a roomful of new friends can’t hurt.)

Won’t you join us?

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