The Science Behind Happiness & Attraction

2010_06_22_charismaHere’s the science behind happiness & attraction plus 4 steps to increase your happiness. 

It may come as a surprise to learn that the #1 thing that attracts quality men is a happy woman. Happiness is a characteristic that men say is alluring over any other physical trait.

When we feel happy and love ourselves, men and others love us. It’s a great equation where self love and happiness equal attraction and love from others.

Here’s how this equation looks:

Self love + happiness = alluring attraction and love from others

This healthy self-esteem and happiness becomes a magnet for positive life experiences and connected relationships. The embodiment of self-love and happiness creates the kind of fulfilling life that women want.

Great stuff, right!?

So, what’s the secret to happiness? Read on to discover the science behind creating happiness.

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