12 Confidence boosters that are simple and work!

For many years I let self-doubt, fear of being judged and criticized as well as worry about what others would think hold me back from pursuing my dreams of writing a book and living a bigger life. … and the lack of self-confidence that I needed to overcome my fear of not being good enough… Continue reading 12 Confidence boosters that are simple and work!

How To Avoid Gossip & Feel Great

Ever find yourself lured into the trap of gossiping about other women? Or have you ever compared yourself to another woman? Whether it’s gossiping, backstabbing, competing, or comparing, women are too often unkind to one another. I read a statistic from a couple of years ago that the normal woman spends five hours a day… Continue reading How To Avoid Gossip & Feel Great

10 Hidden Ways An Ex Stays Embedded In Our Lives

It’s official. It’s over. Actually it’s been over for quite some time now. Then why are you still stuck with your ex? You may think you’re doing your best to move on, but somehow you just can’t shimmy away from him/her. Truth be told even if you aren’t in physical contact you may be fooling yourself with lots of sneaky subtle behaviors that keep you connected and prevent you from meeting someone new!