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This book will teach you how to:
  • Connect with your feminine power
  • Increase confidence
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Awaken sensuality
  • Boost sex appeal
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Communicate from the heart
  • Flirt with life
  • Reclaim your playful, sexy spirit
  • Balance your energy
  • Create fun, romantic adventures

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Reader Reviews

An absolute MUST READ if you want to reignite your feminine mojo!
If you are a woman who has too much on her plate and has lost her luster for life, have no fear, Sherri Nickols is here. In her funny, down-to-earth, delightful book, “Sexy and Sparkling after 40,” Sherri shows you how to reconnect with your feminine power so you can rock the world and live that exciting, romantic life you have been yearning for!

~ Kimberly Riggins

Sexy and Sparkling at ANY age!!!
WOW! Sherri Nickols captures exactly how it feels to have lost that zest or sparkle for life and how to re-ignite it with ease. She powerfully embraces the ups and downs in life and love, while tenderly showing the steps to remain vibrant, luscious, delighted, relaxed and playful. It’s written in a way that respects the intelligent business-woman and youthful innocent girl within each of us.Sexy and Sparkling after 40 is not just for those 40+! I’m in my early-30’s and had lost my “something special” after a serious of health and relationship issues. In just the last 8 months since reading the book, my life has turned around. I play a little every day, my business (in a male-dominated industry) has naturally and easily blossomed, I’ve found how to be at ease in any situation, and I’ve attracted the most amazing men and opportunities/experiences into my life. The daily consistency of using the tools Sherri teaches has exponentially improved my life, love, finances, vibrancy and joy.This is a MUST READ for ALL WOMEN … Embracing your feminine self in all its’ glory is lovely, powerful, and brings an inner peace like no other. We were created to be radiant creatures and Sherri lovingly reminds us of the beauty in that! Buy more than one copy – you’ll want to share it with everyone you know.

~ Stephanie Sterling

WOW..A much needed fresh take on finding you!
More often than not most authors in this genre tend to talk at you rather than encourage you to take a journey with them. This book makes you feel like Sherri is right there with you ready and willing to take the journey of self discovery with you. Bravo to Sherri for being brave enough to not only share her story with us, but encourage the rest of us to take charge and follow her example. Loved the Romance-Capade section and not ashamed to admit my husband more than appreciated them as well.

~ Maureen Castro

Suffering from Feminine Fatigue? Great Book Helps!
Real life can pound away at your sense of beauty. Once you hit 40, it can feel like you are only going through the motions where romance is concerned.In Sexy and Sparking after 40, author Sherri Nickels shares the story of what happened when she discovered her husband was living a double life…and how Sherri re-discovered her beauty, passion, and happiness.Much more than just a dating book, Sexy and Sparkling is a great read for any woman over 40 who wants to feel more passion, joy and happiness. Full of spiritual insights, humor, and how to tips to conquer the 13 relationship culprits which rob you of your sparkle, this book will make you laugh and maybe even blush a bit. Be sure to try the 15 Romance Adventures at the back of the book- fun activities to get his attention and create some lasting memories together.If you’ve ever wanted a romance talk with a girlfriend a la Sex and the City, this book is for you!

~ Lynne Klippel

Great book to revitalize the romance in your life!
I was impressed with how Sherri Nickols writes with enthusiasm and empathy for the older women’s journey through romance and love. In Sexy and Sparkling after 40 she created a very readable book that offers new,fun and truly effective ways to spice up your love life.To my surprise, it’s more than a book on finding or rekindling love. Sexy and Sparkling also has wonderful ideas for revitalizing every area of your life. I’ve kept it on my nightstand so I can re-read many of her practical ideas for maintaining the adventure in life. I love her overall approach.If you’re looking for a way to make a quantum leap in your love life, this is a great book to add to your library, whatever your age!

~ Karen Wan

I am feel empowered with my Sparkle On
I give Sherri and this book 5 stars. Perfect for all age groups. I am a hip grandmother and found it to be inspiring and insightful. Follow the advice in this book and you will discover your truth.

~ Hip Grammy

A Rebirth of my Youthful Spirit
After suffering a horrible car accident that resulted in two broken legs, a concussion, and a failing kidney when I was 38, I never thought I could be sexy or even alluring ever again. Thanks to the pearls of knowledge found in this book, I’ve found a way to re-spark my youthful spirit and charge my marriage with the vigor I thought was only possible in romance stories. Thank you, Sherri, for sharing such powerful insights and giving a 51-year old hope and a much-needed feminine boost.I highly recommend this book to any female who believes she is past being sexy, alluring, or charming.

~ Rowena B. Portch


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