Lessons learned in Egypt

I just returned from an epic pilgrimage in Egypt – it fulfilled and exceeded a bucket list dream I’ve had since I was 7! So excited to share the wisdom gained from this powerful experience over the next weeks and months with you.

One insight I’d love to start off with occurred on the last day of the journey. It had been arranged for our group of 65 to have private access to The King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. So in the wee hours just before dawn, flashlights guiding our way, we climbed the narrow passageway to the sacred space. After 20 minutes we arrived – the room was large with high ceilings and felt more spacious than I imagined it would be.

We cozied up sitting against the walls and laying on the floor in anticipation of what was next. Our pilgrimage leader, Mary Morrissey, instructed us to turn off all flashlights and then in the pitch darkness of the apex of the pyramid (so surreal!) led us into a silent 30-minute meditation to connect with God.

As I became one with the vertical stream of God’s loving light. The message was powerful –

The secret to living a life of ease and True happiness is not only possible, it’s simple.

All one has to do is connect with God’s love and let that guide us. When we do this drama, despair, disappointment, confusion and all fears fade away… and life becomes easy and full of joy.

This is your Diamond Power ladies – confirmed!!

Next we were offered the opportunity to go down and sit in the power point pit of the pyramid. When I heard this I could not believe my ears – seriously??? Jumping out of my skin with excitement it felt like I was in an Indiana Jones adventure.

With flashlights in hand a few of us braved our way…we descended backwards through a steep, small dark tunnel, and ultimately crawled on hands and knee’s into the heart of the pyramid. I arrived first in my group and had the privileged opportunity to sit in this sacred space alone and feel the pulse of the pyramid. It was a peaceful loving energy I’ve never felt anywhere else. Pure love that vibrated to the edges of my body – soooooo incredible.

When we came out of the pyramid it was daylight and the chaos of Cairo surrounding the great monuments had begun. What a stark contrast – two totally different realities side-by-side, co-existing in the same city. And man oh man, the temptation to let my mind be pulled from the peace of the pyramid to the struggle of the city was great. What choice would win?


The awareness I had and want to share with you is that we are like the pyramids – we are these beautiful unique bodies and within us lay the sacred space of our hearts and minds (our diamond essence) – where we connect with the love of God (our Diamond Power) and enjoy peace and happiness. Surrounding us are the continual distractions, bright shiny objects and dramas that seduce us and beg for our attention. Often successfully luring us from our connection to inner loving peace.

Like everyone I can get easily seduced. What I realized even more keenly as I left the site of the pyramids, is that I had a choice. I could let myself get distracted or I could stay connected to the peace within and simply observe my surroundings without indulging in them. In that moment I chose the latter. Will I be perfect at this every time – absolutely not! And that’s ok. It’s something I will strive for though and allow myself compassion for my humanness.

I invite you to join me in this challenge – a challenge for inner peace. So as you move through your day and different scenarios pop up, will you let them pull you into a stressed out state or will you go within for a more empowering action? Join me in heightening our awareness; choosing to strengthen our muscle for peace, knowing that where we put our focus and attention largely determines our happiness.

Are you in? We can do this!!!

What choice will you make today?


  1. Hi Sherrie, pretty exciting that you able to have this experience and with Mary M, she seems so wise.
    I am still on my journey and trying to discover why I have the experiences I do!
    All the Best, MaryAnn

  2. HI MaryAnn! Great to hear from you! Yes, it was a phenomenal spiritual adventure and a privilege experience with Mary M – she is indeed profoundly wise and full of love. She truly walks her talk:)) Love to catch up with you and see how you are doing! xoxox Sherri

  3. Hi Sherrie,It was nice to hear hear from you always, that is the most lovely place i want to see in my life with your lesson realy perfect and love to resd your book too am so happy for you , i was trying to get you by your e-mail addres bur it is imposible and i just tried and not succeded, i want to share my life with you and need help from you if you are willing send me and tell me.
    I am thankful for this chance and look for your response.
    with lot of love

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