Is this missing in your relationship?

When was the last time you experienced romance in your relationship? If you and your man are like the majority of couples, you’re experiencing a romantic rut. Let’s face it, doing the same things over and over again can become a bit boring. The same old routine can leave you feeling like there’s something missing. And truth be told, there is something missing—your creative passionate expression!

There are so many different facets to who you are as a sensual woman, once you discover and unleash them into your life and relationship you will feel energized, empowered, ultra- feminine and happier.

How do I bring back the spark?

A fun way to rekindle your relationship is with a Romance-Capade. These are themed adventures I created years ago and presented at romance parties for women who wanted to spice up their love lives and deepen intimacy with their partners. You can easily bring back those heady days of dating and heat things up again by mixing it up, playfully rediscovering each other and remembering why you fell in love in the first place…

If it’s been a while since you and your man have gotten cozy, you may want to start slow with something that feels comfortable yet stretches you a wee bit. Bring Back the Spark fits this perfectly and will help you get things rolling.

Bring Back the Spark Recipe for Romance” Essentials

Follow this recipe to the T or whip up your own creation by adding or substituting goodies.

Mix It Up

Simply dining in another room of your home is a great way to rev up your relationship. If you’re like most couples you’ve gotten into a romantic rut with routine. Eating dinner in the same spot day after day, with no meaningful conversation, tuning into the TV instead of each other—doesn’t exactly bring on the “tingles,” does it? To rekindle the warmth and closeness you once knew together, you’re going to have to mix things up. If this makes you nervous enlist a friend for support.

Passport to Passion Invitation

Write a sexy note inviting him to dinner and pique his curiosity by delivering your invitation in one of these ways:

  • Put it in his pocket as he’s leaving the house
  • Prop it against the coffee maker with a red rose
  • Let your imagination run wild!

How to Set the Mood for Romance

  • Lighting: candlelight
  • Music: songs that inspire happy memories
  • Location: any room other than where you currently eat dinner— weather permitting, dining on the patio can be very romantic.
  • Tease: flower petals scattered on the table and floor

Get Your Sparkle On!

  • Wardrobe ideas: soft, feminine flowing dress with pretty shoe, preferably high heels
  • Persona: “I’m excited to see you.”
  • Attitude: fun, flirty and adoring

Feed His Passion…and Yours

  • Beverage: your favorite drinks
  • Dinner: his favorite meal

Cold Feet?

Nervous? That’s perfectly normal! Take a deep breath and remind yourself why you wanted to create this romantic evening in the first place. Not only will your courage rev up your relationship and provide an opening for re-connection, it will build your confidence and make you feel vibrant and alive. That said, having a support system in place will help calm those jitters. Ask one of your girlfriends to be on standby for a last-minute phone call or text message.

You Can Do It!

Give yourself permission to see and feel the outcome you want, leaving your troubles checked at the door. With this vision in mind, create newness and excitement by setting a cozy table in front of the fireplace, in your bedroom, on the patio, or anywhere different from the norm. Be silly and lighthearted. Play music from your dating days, a favorite concert or your wedding song…dance flirtatiously. Make a pact before you sit down that the kids, in-laws and career are taboo topics. With genuine interest, get to know each other again. Rediscover the magic!


Congratulations! Whatever the outcome of your romantic evening, take the time to honor yourself for taking action. That might mean letting out a whopping wooohooo, jumping in the air, calling and sharing your adventure with a friend, treating yourself to a bouquet of flowers, sending yourself a special congratulatory card—it doesn’t matter what you do, just do something to celebrate YOU. Journal your experience—how it made you feel, what worked well, and what you might do differently next time. But most of all, love on yourself for bringing sparkle back to your life and your relationship.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve gotten your confidence back make sure to plan your next Romance-Capade. Get out your calendar, choose a date, and circle it. Do it now! If you wait, months will fly by in a heartbeat without an encore. After rekindling your love life do you really want to let it cool again? To ensure your life and relationship stay passionately alive you’ll need consistent planning. Think about it, if you want a gorgeous garden you need to spend time nurturing it, right? Your relationship is no different. If you would like some help creating another delicious adventure you’ll find 15 themes in my book to spark your imagination and keep things fresh.

Here’s to expanding your romantic repertoire!

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