How to open yourself up to great opportunities

3-23-2015 8-06-14 AMWho wants a summer filled with fun, love and great opportunities? I know I do!

As I write this I’m packing my bags, and about to leave for a vacation I’ve been SO looking forward to! I’m off to Hawaii for 6 days of research and rest with one of my favorite friends and I can’t wait!

I’m so excited to have a new adventure, share memories with my gal pal, discover beautiful sites and experiences for my upcoming retreat, and meet interesting new people.

I plan on having the most fun ever, but here’s the thing, having fun and being open to exciting opportunities is all in your head!

Let me tell you why.

The mind believes what we tell it, if you repeat over and over, that your life is challenging, you think you’re fat/ugly/too old/too whatever to have fun, find love, get great opportunities, the brain believes it!

It’s all a state of mind!

Right now you might be feeling less than excited about your day, it’s more about fulfilling responsibilities than a life. Of maybe you are in a chronic state of worry about what you don’t want to happen, or you are feeling lonely or sad. If you allow your mind to dwell and wallow in those places all the time you will stay STUCK exactly there.

So… what if you chose life-giving thoughts instead? Imagine waking up with a genuine, “I can’t wait to start my day” kind of attitude. When you put this kind of vibe out into the world it will change your life, get you unstuck, guaranteed.

All it takes is looking at each day as if you’re on vacation. Make fun a priority, and expect great things to happen.

It’s been scientifically proven that we attract what we put out. So embrace life with zest and zeal and the most outrageous things will begin to happen. Unlimited abundance. Magic. Plan to pinch yourself daily while shouting, “I LOVE my life!” Ahhh, bliss!

Think about how open and carefree you feel on vacation—it’s heaven! You tingle in anticipation of the new things you’ll see, the adventures you’ll have, the quality time you’ll spend with your loved ones, the rest and relaxation you’ll have at last. There are new friends to be made, new foods to be savored and new experiences to be had. Life outside your normal routine thrills your spirit and fills your body with excitement—you can practically taste the wonderful times ahead.

Opening yourself to new opportunities is about greeting each day with this same enthusiasm. Expect to have fun, expect good things to happen to you, expect things to go well for you, expect to see and do things that delight you.

All you have to do is conjure the feeling of being on holiday – the beauty is your mind doesn’t know the difference; it will help you attract glorious opportunities and outcomes to your day just because of that shift in energy.

If you are finding this mindset shift challenging pull out your favorite travel picture and put it where you will see it first thing in the morning. Gaze at the photo as long as necessary to recall the good times and feel yourself filling up with positive memories.

And then pay attention to life giving opportunities that come your way – stop saying no when your girlfriends invite you to the beach, or to get drinks, or (OH MY GOSH) to go out dancing. Say yes when your partner asks you to join him for some R & R – let your laundry list of “do’s” go – it will always be there. Get our of your own way so you can open yourself up to the fun and love you so deserve.

See these opportunities as an adventure! Jump In! Get Your Sparkle back!

You can’t experience life for all its joy, its fun and its abundant LOVE if you stay in a mindset that keeps you stuck. Step outside your comfort zone, accept that you need to be OPEN to new experiences!

If you are looking for a summer of fun, and hopefully LOVE, then its time to put yourself into a vacation vibe. Join a cooking class, or take on a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, like pottery, or a running club maybe, something that gets you into a mixed group of people around your age and who all have the same goal, to enjoy life!

If you have a great group of friends, make plans that will create opportunities for socializing and fun!

Here’s the secret: put yourself out there.

This summer, don’t be the one sitting at home wishing you were at the beach, or out having summer fun and lovin’ create the opportunities that put yourself ‘out there’ where fun and love can happen and watch your world and your happiness grow and soar!

Oh!! And bringing more happiness fun and love into your life has also been the topic of the online series I recently created, The Sparkle Summit, which you can still listen in on and better yet, get a copy of! Find out more here.


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