How To Connect With Inner Peace

It’s been a week since we’ve connected and I’m wondering how you are doing?

Although things change daily and effect each of us differently we are all experiencing the same global shift. I’ve spoken to many people who are slumping into a depression and others who are doing well….

How are YOU?

If you are feeling down I want to share an insight I recently had that I’m hoping will lift your spirits. The other day I woke up in a low energy funky mood and decided to take a walk in the neighborhood to shift my mindset. Even though I was having my usual morning chat with God, rather than letting Spirit flow through me, I was mentally trying to force a “shake-out” of this bad juju….with no luck.

Have you ever done that? Doesn’t work so great does it?? And that is even more frustrating!!

With angst I asked, “Ok God, help me see what I need to see, know what I need to know and feel what I need to feel” and literally within seconds I was given a great gift – a wonderful insight.

Nature has always brought me powerful messages and this day was no different.
My eyes were guided to the tree’s along the road. Suddenly I saw them in a whole new light. My attention was drawn to the trunk: solid, sturdy and vertical – reaching up to the heavens, fed by the Light.

Instantly I understood the trunk to be symbolic of our inner core strength – what I call your Diamond Power ladies. We too have vertical access to this Light and when we connect with this Source, man oh man do we become sturdy in our core!

Now think about a tree’s branches – they are like our thoughts – some are strong and supportive but others are twisted and gnarled like our monkey mind thoughts that make us crazy. All we have to do is prune some of those branches back and we can do this by turning our gaze upward and connecting with Infinite Love/God and we will come back to center, our trunk, becoming strong and sturdy again at our core.

It’s amazing how simple things can be when we give ourselves permission to make our lives easy and peaceful isn’t it?

As I walked the final stretch to my house I felt exhilarated – by letting go, opening, and allowing a power far greater than me have it’s way with me, I felt fantastic, full up and rock solid in seconds. Wow!

Here’s to getting out of our way, opening to Gods Love and Light, and anchoring into strong and sturdy!!

Sparkling love,

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