How to Choose Thoughts that Make You Happy!

Sept 24 Article picDid you know that every minute of every day you have the choice to choose thoughts that make you feel good? Yes YOU lovely, definitely have that power.

Wow is that empowering or what???

The challenge is our awareness of this gift. There’s that part of us that gets amnesia and just goes with whatever comes into our minds – letting it have it’s way with us, affect our feelings, our mood and ultimately our experience and results in life. Ugggh, not a fun way to live.

If you can relate to feeling like an innocent bystander to this steam rolling saucy side you are not alone. I used to let that cheeky voice take me right out of a happy mood until one day I had an “aha” and discovered a simple solution to get her under wraps.

I remember taking a walk one early Sunday morning about a year ago. The sun was just peeking over the horizon, wafting a dreamy glow on the whole beach. The sounds of ocean waves lapping at the sand and seabirds rousing themselves just made this morning delicious.

I thought to myself, “Ahhh… it’s so quiet… no one’s awake yet except me.”

It was about as close to perfect as you can get. That is, until I came across another  woman on the path who was talking on the phone.

She was speaking so loudly that she was almost shouting. I couldn’t understand what she was saying because it was in a different language, but it didn’t matter; her volume would have annoyed me whether or not I could comprehend her words.

My thoughts quickly turned sour and the enchanting, crisp morning vanished almost instantly. I thought, “You gotta be kidding me! She’s breaking the whole magic of this moment!”

Catching myself, I took a deep breath and said, “Okay, Sherri, how can you turn this around to get your morning sparkle back?”

It occurred to me that since the woman was speaking in another language, I had no idea who she was talking to or what she was saying. “Maybe,” I thought, “she’s talking to her mom.”

The thought brought tears to my eyes. I lost my mom three years ago and I would have given anything in that moment to be able to talk to my mom.

With that, my heart completely opened up. “How sweet,” I now thought to myself, “She’s probably talking to her mom.”

I created a story that she was having a great conversation with her mother, who she loved dearly, and it didn’t annoy me anymore. She didn’t change, but I changed.

There’s a beautiful lesson in this experience, lovely one: we don’t have to depend on other people’s behavior to create our happiness. We nurture it lovingly within ourselves.

And the best news is, you are a dynamic, creative and dazzling person – so you have a lot to be happy about.

All you have to do is consciously create a mind shift. Declare an intention that you are willing to see things in a positive way and voila you have opened yourself up to the opportunity of a new empowering idea or thought to light up your mind. Seriously, it happens that quickly – when you open up to it.

Not to mention you will be so much happier when you consciously choose the thoughts that make you feel good! You can do this dear heart!

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  1. hi sherry this article was awesome I agree that yes only you can change you and you can control your thoughts both about you and what you think of others the power lies with YOU Thanks Maria

    1. Thanks for your comment, Maria. It’s true that once we’re able to let go of trying to change others life becomes so much more enjoyable!


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