Hope this Step-by-Step Plan is Helpful

Ever feel like you’ve lost touch with who you are?

Does it seem like it’s up to you to do everything and there’s not a moment to yourself?

You’re probably insanely capable and competent – a rock star woman who can handle anything, but deep down don’t you long for a man to take over at times so you can not only breathe but feel supported?
When I was married – this was always the scenario I was caught up in – wanting my man to take care of something, anything – but if I had to wait more than what I considered an appropriate  “step up time” it was too late. I would immediately go into, “I’ll just do it myself, it’s easier,” and stuff the resentful thought, “I can’t believe he won’t help me – why do I have to do it all?”
Well this proved pretty disastrous in my relationship and when things crumbled I had to get honest with myself and admit I’d been leading with my masculine energy way more than my feminine.
After a good chat with a dear friend who pointed out I would have gotten more support and had a better relationship if I had been leading with my womanly charms, I realized I had to make major changes that were uncomfortable for me. Breathing life into my feminine nature became my sole focus. I also knew on a soul level learning to be flirtatious and dressing more “feminine” were good first steps, but this was more than a surface  make-over, I had to dig deep and create a new mindset if I was going to become the leading lady of my life.
Years of conditioning and choice making based in fear and doubt had left me in a vicious tug of war between “I can do this” and “This is too hard.” Even though I had seen evidence that my feminine nature had a power and magic all of its own, I still reverted to my old masculine style of rigid control most of the time.
Thankfully, an idea popped into my awareness.  Click here to read the full article and learn how I unleashed my femininity and allowed it to let me shine.

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