Don’t Forget: Feeling Funky is Optional!!

Sad Woman Option 1If you’ve ever woken up in a funk, feeling “off”, with a sad, angry or fearful heart affecting your happiness I want you to know you are not alone, AND there’s a simple way out:) Hallelujah!

Let’s face it – the ups and downs and curveballs in life will test you on every level – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. To be totally transparent my life at one time was fraught with breakdown in every area – marriage, career, finances and friendships. It was a struggle to clear the clutter, focus and follow through to get to where I am now, positively impacting thousands of women. In all honesty, there were plenty of incredibly painful moments.

After my divorce when I began to rebuild and create a happy life I had to develop a new mindset. I have to admit, at first it was difficult for me to stop blaming others for my lot in life, forgive and forget, get honest and start taking responsibility for my part.

Initially turning my thoughts around seemed an impossible feat, like turning the Titanic around. But as time went by, I was able to stop the suffering, because I was tired of my thoughts taking me down the rabbit hole and I knew that having a happy life was the way out. And, I chose it, and got behind it energetically, with the help of my friends, mentors, healers and God.

I realized I needed mentorship, connection to the Divine, and some serious community support to be able to clear the cobwebs, keep focus and move forward with strength and grace.

And, I found it. I discovered the tools to shift the unhealthy thinking, fill my heart with love and take my power back and I’m totally in love with my life. But more importantly, I’m crazy for my clients and love teaching them what I’ve learned.

I want YOU to have the tools to take your power back so that your life is on fire with fun and emotional freedom – bigger than your fears.

Your fear is never going to go away. You just have to make your commitment to your happiness stronger.

If you know you’re always one foot in and one foot out and have a difficult time keeping your heart happy and your mind peaceful,  click here to schedule a chat with me.  I’ll give you a plan that works.

In the meantime, if you have a heavy heart, try this short exercise I use – it works wonders to take your power back.

• Sit or lie down and start breathing into your heart.
• Imagine all the people who have bruised, hurt or squashed your heart – lovers, family, friends, bosses, teachers etc.
• Start pulling the energy back that you’ve given away with the painful memories/thoughts. See it like a rope of golden energy, being pulled back to your heart, hand-over-hand pulling it in, bringing it home.
• See the golden energy flow into your heart and feel it become expansive with wisdom and reclaimed power.
• Wrap your heart with the gold energy and seal it.

Voila! You’ve just taken your power back in a matter of minutes. How do you feel? Notice the energy coming back in felt cleansed and purified – no pain! This is seriously good, yes?

Use this quick and easy tool every time you feel funky and you will be back to your brilliant self pronto!

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  1. Thanks Sherri,
    Very helpful email. I always get a lot from what you offer. Missed webtalk tonight. Really look forward to replay tomorrow. Heartful thanks,

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