Tips for Connecting with Your Authentic Charisma

Last month, we explored a variety of ways you can step into your freedom and connect with your inner sparkle. When you’re tapped into that energy, you feel the light of God pouring through you, removing all the sludge that’s accumulated around your inner diamond so that your beautiful light can shine out into the world.

A few weeks ago 10 AWESOME and AMAZING women did just that at Soul Sparkle Retreat (pics above) – it was incredible and awe’ing to see them totally transform in less than 24 hours of their arrival. Intentions were made, fears released, hearts opened and deeply connected friendships born – that’s the power of immersion. I felt like a proud mama as I witnessed these lovely ladies LETTING GO of OLD haunting, hurtful beliefs and EMBRACING their vivacious, unique, feminine Divine essence to SHINE fully!. Simply stunning!

So this month, I want to celebrate that vibrant energy with a series of posts aimed at helping you do what these ladies did, connect with your natural charisma! You have it, it’s inside of you, all you have to do is bring it to the surface and let it shine like the bright August sun!

According to author and spiritual teacher, Marianne Williamson, charisma was initially a religious term meaning, “of the spirit,” or “inspired.” She writes, “Charisma is a sparkle in people that money can’t buy. It’s an invisible energy with visible effects”

Charisma Isn’t Only for Movie Stars

Too many people mistakenly believe that charisma is something only certain people have when actually, we all possess it and can cultivate it by developing a sense of ownership over our unique gifts and talents.

I have a friend who’s in her 70s, and she shines about as bright as any woman possibly could! She has this effusive energy that draws people to her like a magnet. When you’re around her, it feels like she’s been plugged into an electrical socket and is just radiating loving, bright energy in your direction.

By developing your charisma, you are:

  • Allowing your true light to shine through. When this happens, you become expansive and open. You are literally channeling your inner diamond power.
  • Opening yourself up to connect with others. When you allow yourself to be in a connected space with others, smiling and making eye contact, they feel it, and they respond to you! I’ve challenged several of my clients who feel isolated to go out, make eye contact and smile at strangers! Do this, and I promise you’ll feel an immediate mood boost!
  • Revealing your sparkling soul. When you give yourself permission to show up and freely express your unique magnificence, a lot of amazing things begin to happen! People around you have clarity about who you are and can see the purity of your soul and spirit. That openness and beauty bring out the best in them, inspiring a connection, and creating a ripple effect!

Reconnecting to Your Charisma

There are so many ways that we lose the connection to our soul essence. In my next post, we’ll explore how comparing yourself to others can cause you to lose touch with the charismatic energy that you were born to express.

Until then, the best way to begin reconnecting with your charisma is through meditation or prayer. Get silent, breathe and call to a Higher power. To assist with this, I invite you to download my free fifteen-minute Diamond Power meditation, which will guide you to a peaceful state and help you align with your beautiful soulful essence.

Sparkling love,



  1. I would love to take advantage of your offer to “download my free fifteen-minute Diamond Power meditation”, if only I knew where to find it! Can you provide a link, please?

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