How to Create Charisma

Have you ever met someone that drew your attention to them right away? Something about them was compelling, and you felt a real connection?

Have you ever made eye contact with someone and they smiled at you and it totally caught you off guard, but you found yourself smiling back?

That’s charisma! And here’s a fun fact – charisma was originally a religious term, it meant ‘of the spirit’ or inspired.

It’s all about that pure light in us shining through into the world.

Most people think you are born with or without it, and that is simply not true. It’s a skill! You can develop and master it!

Marianne Williamson says that ‘charisma is the sparkle in people that money cannot buy.’ That’s just beautiful!!!


Charisma is literally invisible energy with visible effects!

Here are 3 benefits of developing YOUR charisma:

Allowing your own light to shine through – When you are allowing that light inside of you to shine through, you are being expansive and open, and people are drawn to you. They become magnetized to you. The benefit? You are literally channeling your inner power; you begin to realize you can do anything you put your mind to!

Developing connection with others – So many people filter out social interaction to a limited existence. As a matter of fact I challenge several of my clients who feel that isolation, to try the challenge at the bottom of this post. I tell them to go out and literally to make eye contact and smile at people. Smile at strangers!  It’s amazing what happens – they feel their mood lifting, their spirit lifting and they just feel good inside. That is the connection we live for – and when you allow yourself to be in that connected space, smiling and making eye contact, others can feel it and they respond to you!

People get to see your sparkling soul. That’s where you are living authentically! When you give yourself permission to show up and freely express your unique magnificence, a lot of amazing things begin to happen! When people really see YOU, they connect with you. When your authentic self is shining through, and people around you have clarity about who you are, they see the purity of your soul and spirit. That openness and beauty brings out the best in them. You are empowering them to be who they are; it inspires them to tap into the best part of themselves. It inspires a connection and it creates a real ripple effect!

That energy reaches out. Having a charismatic attitude allows people to see you, to connect with you; it allows you to shine your light of who you are into the world!!!

Wow this attitude is powerful, isn’t it? I would love to help you own it….

So here is what I want you to do!

I challenge you to smile at 15 people a day for the next 3 days! When you are out shopping, smile! When you are walking outside, smile and make eye contact with people you cross paths with! You might get a few funny looks, BUT you will start to see people automatically smiling back! They can’t help it, your charisma is drawing them in and they want to smile back!

Try this for the next 3 days and I’d love to hear how it affected you!!


  1. Although, I haven’t completed this ‘challenge'(just released 1 day)I can ALREADY tell you that it brings out the bubbly and giggly side of you! I’m smiling as I write this just thinking about it. And I can sense your smile through your writing of this article and proposing the challenge by – taking it to the streets!
    You give ‘real’ life skills to help heal from the inside out and yet presents on the outside as ‘got it going on’. Kudos to you for embracing your purpose = helping souls save themselves! And my gig is, I want to finally get it right…all in alignment (if that’s at all possible since its an ongoing shift on this journey), to sum it up as to – Live the Rest of My (your) Life as the Best of My (your) Life.

    Sherri, You totally exude Charisma. 🙂
    Let the teachings (and the growing) continue!

    Sparkle On!!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Lisa I

    1. Lisa,

      Thank you for this wonderful comment! The cool thing about charisma is that if you can recognize it in another person, you can create it in yourself.

      So, how did it go when you smiled at 15 people? I’ll bet you got a lot of positive energy coming back your way!


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