The Importance of Friends

Spring is a fantastic time to reconnect with your girlfriend! And I’m not talking about putting together a brunch where all you do is sit around complaining about the men in your life (or lack of) or indulging in gossip.

I’m talking about some serious, soul sister quality time where you drop down into your heart and engage in ways that inspire the release of that fabulous feel-good chemical oxytocin.

Sometimes referred to as “the love hormone,” oxytocin is released after sex, after childbirth and, when we spend time with our closest friends. It’s not surprising then that research points to longer, healthier lives for women with large social circles, while those who isolate themselves experience higher levels of stress hormones (which result in reduced well-being).

To make matters worse, isolation is a vicious cycle. If you’re already feeling lonely and depressed, you’re less likely to go out and engage with other people, which makes it that much harder to make new friends and widen your social circle.

Why Do We Lose Touch with Our Friends?
Sometimes it’s a matter of scheduling or geography. Sometimes we’re afraid of being rejected. You might think, “Oh, my friend has so much going on, I’ll just wait for her to contact me.” Then, when she doesn’t (because she’s not a mind-reader) you feel even more rejected, creating the exact scenario you were trying to avoid.

If you’re married, it’s possible that you’ve made your husband the center of your universe. But even in the closest of marriages, your husband will never fill the same space that your girlfriends do. Men are fixers. They won’t just sit there and chat with you about what’s happening.

Your girlfriends are going through the same challenges that you are—divorce, health issues, aging parents, problems with your kids, weight gain, hormones, all of it. So, prioritize your girlfriend time!

I have one group of friends that’s made it a point to get together on each of our birthdays for the last 40 years! If that’s too much of a commitment for your friend group, then plan one annual get together. It doesn’t have to be some huge trip so long as you make a point of creating something special together.

How to Reconnect If You’ve Let Those Friendships Fall Away
If you haven’t spoken to one of your friends in a while, a simple text to let her know that you miss her and would love to connect is a great way to open up the line of communication.

We often avoid reaching out because we think we’re going to need a marathon phone call to fill each other in on everything that’s been happening but that’s really not true. Five minutes is better than nothing, trust me. Let your friend know up front you only have a few minutes but wanted to connect and you’ll be amazed how uplifted, warm and yummy you’ll both feel with that short chat.

Ways to Build Your Social Circle
If you’re someone who has a hard time making friends or if you’ve lost touch with old friends and are trying to rebuild your social circle, here are some easy ways to get started:

Join a women’s business networking group
Find a women’s group at your church
Take a class at your local community center
Sign up for a weekend yoga retreat or workshop
If deeply connected friendship is important to you then make the commitment today to either reach out to one of your soul sisters OR spread your wings and do something different to meet a new friend.

Life is meant to be shared and enjoyed so don’t delay, connect NOW!!!

P.S. If you really long to make new friends and meet other like-minded women who, just like you, are dedicated to becoming their best most sparkling Self, then I invite you to check out my 2018 Soul Sparkle Retreat, July 19th-22nd – at the beautiful Italian-esque Westlake Village Inn.

This exclusive retreat is limited to just 10 women. I have 2 spots left, If you want to be one of them, email me today at

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Connecting to Your Diamond Power

If you’ve been reading my blog recently, you know that I took an absolutely magical trip to Egypt last month. In my post, Lessons Learned in EgyptI described my experience in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. But I didn’t tell you everything. While inside that sacred space, I had a powerful vision.

After a restless start to the meditation, I reminded myself to focus on my breath and that began my journey inward and upward. Within minutes of deep focused breathing I found myself rising into a different state of consciousness and suddenly I saw a beautiful Ankh right in my heart center. Often referred to as “the key of life,” the Ankh is one of the most well-known symbols from Ancient Egypt. It looks like a cross but with a loop at the top. In fact, the Ankh is also known by the name “Crux Ansata,” which means “cross with a handle!”

Now remember, I was in that tomb in total darkness. This was an “inner vision” of this powerful symbol. It was both an experience of seeing and feeling it inside my heart. Then suddenly, as if things weren’t already blissful enough, the sweetest image of Jesus appeared to me, wearing a huge smile, with arms outstretched, radiating love and joy. Within a blink of the eye He transformed into the most beautiful stream of brilliant white light and flowed fully and wholly into that Ankh, into my heart, and I was at peace.

What a powerful message and experience – understanding how we connect to our Diamond Power! CLICK HERE to learn more about how to find peace by connecting with your Diamond Power!

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What Is Standing Between You and Love?

Spring has arrived ushering in a period of vibrant, feminine energy. Mother Nature is showing her stuff with blooming trees, bright sunshine and warmer temperatures. Now is the time to throw open your windows, ditch your winter wear and reconnect with your divine feminine essence.

For some women, especially the strong, independent women among us, this is easier said than done. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that you are able to take care of yourself but here’s the thing: you may be creating an invisible wall between yourself and the men you’re trying to attract, hindering your ability to create and maintain healthy, loving relationships.

Ay yi yi, is this what you want? I’m guessing, the answer to that question is no.

So, here’s what you need to do:

Ask yourself, “ Do I favor my “Doing” masculine energy?” If the answer is “yes,” you’re in good company. There are millions of women in the world today embracing masculine traits so they can be successful in business, run their households and get everything crossed off their endless daily task lists.

In many ways, this is necessary but while you may be succeeding in your career, you may also be destroying your intimate relationships. Here’s how:

  • You send the message: “You’re not needed.” Sometimes, our strength and capability communicates that a man is unnecessary. When a man gets that message, he may walk away or go where he feels needed. Why? Because men need to feel needed. It’s foundational to their sense of self-esteem.
  • You create competition. Masculine energy is competitive. Happy, bonded relationships exist when each partner encourages and supports the other not when you’re both vying for power.
  • You emasculate your man. If you “wear the pants,” then what do you think he’s wearing? When you operate more in your masculine energy, your partner has to use more of his feminine energy. Even the most sensitive man will begin to feel exhausted and depleted by this after a while. At that point, he will experience the urge to pull away or shut down.
  • You lose touch with yourself. When you allow your masculine side to dominate, you are robbing yourself of your radiance and disconnecting from your essential feminine essence. Connecting to your femininity is essential to nurturing your soul and developing your playful, sensual, authentic Self.
  • You become unattractive. Even if you are gorgeous, men will likely find you unattractive if you are living in your masculine energy. Why? Because real magnetic attraction has more to do with the way a person makes us feel than by how they look. A feminine woman knows how to make her man feel like a man and this ability draws him to her like a powerful magnetic force.

This doesn’t mean you have to ditch your masculine side and don your feminine 100% of the time – far from it. We all possess both and we all need both. The masculine energy drives us to be competitive, protective and solution-oriented. The feminine energy makes us collaborative, able to multi-task, intuitive, receptive, magnetic and flowing.

The goal is to balance the two, so that we’re engaging in a beautiful dance. One that is complementary, harmonious and enables us to achieve great success in all aspects of life, including love and relationships. You will also feel much happier and experience less struggle and exhaustion and way more ease. Who’s in for that?!!

In order to remove your blocks to love, you must understand the ways that masculine energy is creating them. When women are connected to their raw feminine power, they possess a sparkling brilliance.

Celebrate spring by returning to your divine feminine energy opening the doors to juicy, fulfilling relationships!

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How to “Weather” stormy times

Last week I flew to the east coast for new training and planned to meet up with a dear friend afterwards for several days of fun in the Big Apple. We had planned this girlfriend getaway at the beginning of the year and I was so looking forward to hanging out and exploring Soho, the meatpacking district, new restaurants, yoga, shopping, FUN!

After one day we discovered another mammoth Nor’easter snowstorm was confirmed to be on its way. Dang! Big change of plans.

Has that ever happened to you? Maybe not with the weather, but some area of your life is about to get stormy? You plan; you have expectations and then, bam! You see or feel a big storm brewing that has the potential to put a kibosh on the way you want things to go.

It can be very disappointing, can’t it? Might even make you angry or sad or frustrated. A part of you might even go into full denial thinking it won’t be that bad. Sound familiar?

I have to admit, that was me. I started going into denial – and then something happened that helped me move through this situation with a new perspective, ease and grace.

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How to Master Inner Peace

Have you ever had a sudden insight that made things crystal clear?

The kind that inspires such knowing there’s no room for confusion, doubt or skepticism?

Loooove when that happens, don’t you? It’s like a cosmic kiss!

So a few days ago, I was thrown such a kiss! I had woken up feeling kinda funky and decided to take a walk in the park to shift my energy and mindset. And even though I was having my usual morning chat with God, rather than letting Spirit flow through me, I was mentally trying to force and control my shift with no luck.

Have you ever done that?

Frustrated I asked, “Ok God, help me see what I need to see, know what I need to know and feel what I need to feel” and literally within seconds I was given a great gift – a wonderful insight.

This gift of an insight beautifully dovetails with the lessons learned in Egypt I’ve been sharing with you over the last few weeks. Nature has always brought me powerful messages and this day was no different.

My eyes were guided to the tree’s surrounding the path in the park. Suddenly I saw them in a whole new light. My attention was drawn to the trunk- solid, sturdy and vertical – reaching up to the heavens, fed by the Light.

Instantly I understood the trunk to be symbolic of our inner core strength – what I call your Diamond Power ladies. We too have vertical access to this Light and when we connect with this Source, man oh man do we become sturdy in our core!

Now think about a tree’s branches – they are like our thoughts – some are strong and supportive but others are twisted and gnarled like our monkey mind thoughts that make us crazy. All we have to do is prune some of those branches back and we can do this by turning our gaze upward and connecting with Infinite Love/God and we will come back to center, our trunk, becoming strong and sturdy again at our core.

It’s amazing how simple things can be when we give ourselves permission to make our lives easy and peaceful isn’t it?

As I left the park I felt exhilarated – by letting go, opening, and allowing a power far greater than me have it’s way with me, I felt fantastic, full up and rock solid in seconds. Wow!

Here’s to getting out of your own way, opening to the Light, and anchoring into strong and sturdy!!

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2nd Lesson from Egypt

Last week we talked about the choice between staying connected to God’s peace within or indulging in the chaotic distractions of our outer world. I invited you to join me in a one-week challenge to become aware of your options and make a decision that serves your highest state of Being so you can maintain more joy in your life. How did you do?

I have to be honest and completely transparent about the last week for me – it was pretty up and down. My sister-in-law is in the hospital and I got completely riled up at the incompetency of the doctor who was treating her. Fortunately she was transferred to a different facility with higher quality care where she was diagnosed accurately and is receiving the meds she requires.

But until that happened it was a roller coaster of anger, fear and prayers. Boy did amnesia set in several times around staying in God’s peace!! Geeeez Louise!

I found myself getting extremely angry and emotional, blaming and judging the doctor. All stemming from my huge fear that his misdiagnosis and blunders might lead to losing my sister-in-law whom I love deeply – she’s been a big part of my life since I was 16.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? Where you feel helpless and you know your emotions are not contributing to a positive outcome but you are gripped by fear?

What do you do to turn a situation like this around?

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Lessons learned in Egypt

I just returned from an epic pilgrimage in Egypt – it fulfilled and exceeded a bucket list dream I’ve had since I was 7! So excited to share the wisdom gained from this powerful experience over the next weeks and months with you.

One insight I’d love to start off with occurred on the last day of the journey. It had been arranged for our group of 65 to have private access to The King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. So in the wee hours just before dawn, flashlights guiding our way, we climbed the narrow passageway to the sacred space. After 20 minutes we arrived – the room was large with high ceilings and felt more spacious than I imagined it would be.

We cozied up sitting against the walls and laying on the floor in anticipation of what was next. Our pilgrimage leader, Mary Morrissey, instructed us to turn off all flashlights and then in the pitch darkness of the apex of the pyramid (so surreal!) led us into a silent 30-minute meditation to connect with God.

As I became one with the vertical stream of God’s loving light. The message was powerful –

The secret to living a life of ease and True happiness is not only possible, it’s simple.

All one has to do is connect with God’s love and let that guide us. When we do this drama, despair, disappointment, confusion and all fears fade away… and life becomes easy and full of joy.

This is your Diamond Power ladies – confirmed!!

Next we were offered the opportunity to go down and sit in the power point pit of the pyramid. When I heard this I could not believe my ears – seriously??? Jumping out of my skin with excitement it felt like I was in an Indiana Jones adventure.

With flashlights in hand a few of us braved our way…we descended backwards through a steep, small dark tunnel, and ultimately crawled on hands and knee’s into the heart of the pyramid. I arrived first in my group and had the privileged opportunity to sit in this sacred space alone and feel the pulse of the pyramid. It was a peaceful loving energy I’ve never felt anywhere else. Pure love that vibrated to the edges of my body – soooooo incredible.

When we came out of the pyramid it was daylight and the chaos of Cairo surrounding the great monuments had begun. What a stark contrast – two totally different realities side-by-side, co-existing in the same city. And man oh man, the temptation to let my mind be pulled from the peace of the pyramid to the struggle of the city was great. What choice would win?


The awareness I had and want to share with you is that we are like the pyramids – we are these beautiful unique bodies and within us lay the sacred space of our hearts and minds (our diamond essence) – where we connect with the love of God (our Diamond Power) and enjoy peace and happiness. Surrounding us are the continual distractions, bright shiny objects and dramas that seduce us and beg for our attention. Often successfully luring us from our connection to inner loving peace.

Like everyone I can get easily seduced. What I realized even more keenly as I left the site of the pyramids, is that I had a choice. I could let myself get distracted or I could stay connected to the peace within and simply observe my surroundings without indulging in them. In that moment I chose the latter. Will I be perfect at this every time – absolutely not! And that’s ok. It’s something I will strive for though and allow myself compassion for my humanness.

I invite you to join me in this challenge – a challenge for inner peace. So as you move through your day and different scenarios pop up, will you let them pull you into a stressed out state or will you go within for a more empowering action? Join me in heightening our awareness; choosing to strengthen our muscle for peace, knowing that where we put our focus and attention largely determines our happiness.

Are you in? We can do this!!!

What choice will you make today?

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5 Tips for Creating a Self-Love Day

I want you to pretend that we’re hanging out together at our favorite coffee shop. We’ve got our latte’s in front of us and I’m sitting across the table from you when and I look up and say, “Girl, you are overdue for some pampering “me” time!

I stand up, take your hand and proclaim that today is all about you. We’re going to create a space for you to refuel, recharge and treat yourself like the amazing woman you are!

We go to our favorite bath and body store. You buy some bath oils, a luxurious new robe and maybe those little things they put between your toes when you get a pedicure. Yes! We’re going all out for your much-needed self-love at home SPA DAY!

How is this sounding so far? Pretty good, right?

But now, let’s imagine that I’m not there with you, encouraging you to take care of yourself. How likely do you think you are to actually do it? I’m thinking the answer to that question is, “Not very likely.” Let’s change that!

CLICK HERE to learn more about creating your OWN self-love day!!!

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Hot Tips for More Love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentines greetings from Egypt – while I’m on a spiritual pilgrimage to deepen my own personal journey of expansion, growth and self love you were on my mind.

Tomorrow, as you know, is the most exalted love day of the month.

How are you doing?

If you are already in a wonderful relationship I’m wishing you a beautiful celebration:)) But if you’re not and you find yourself longing to be in a deeply loving and connected partnership you are in great company. In my experience as a coach, I’ve learned that the majority of women share this common desire.

We are all on this planet to love and be loved.

And we’ve all been there on Valentine’s Day. The one day of the year that makes being alone feel even harder. Every shop window is full of hearts and red roses. Restaurants are advertising their special Valentine’s Day menus. If you were in a relationship last year and this year you’re not, the day can become a difficult reminder of what’s missing from your life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

What if, instead of spending Valentine’s Day focused on the love you don’t have, you make it a day to celebrate all the love that already surrounds you?

The best way to do that is with your soul sisters! Which is what I’m doing in Egypt right now.

As well, one of my most treasured memories is of a Valentine’s Day pamperfest with my dear friends Patti and Maureen. At the time, my heart was healing and their husbands were both out of town so we decided to spend this day of love together and enjoy it to the max.

This brought a beautiful realization to the surface for both Patti and Maureen. They learned that the love we celebrate on Valentine’s Day isn’t limited to the romantic rapture we share with our significant others. The love of friends is just as important as the love in an intimate relationship.

When’s the last time you laughed with your girlfriends until you had tears rolling down your cheeks? Or your ribs hurt so much and you couldn’t catch your breath? When was the last time you sat and caught up with the women in your life that ignite your soul’s passion?

This Valentine’s Day, how about you all put your heads together and plan a Girlfriend Getaway!

I love Girlfriend Getaways. A few days out of town, having fun with friends is incredibly rejuvenating. Even if it’s only for a day or two, that can be just enough to open you up to new ways of thinking, make you more creative and bring you joy.

Also, spending time with your girlfriends causes the brain to release the “feel good” hormone Oxytocin. You know that euphoria you felt after giving birth or the last time you fell in love? That was all thanks to Oxytocin.

The role of this hormone is to help us bond to others, and when we spend time with our girlfriends, its produced in abundance.

You might wonder, “If it feels so good to spend time with each other, why aren’t we doing it more often?” Here’s why: we feel guilty about getting away. We beat ourselves up for leaving our kids or our jobs behind to take care of ourselves.

But you absolutely should not feel guilty! When you take time for you and your favorite friends, you are filled up and able to be more loving, present and openhearted in your daily life.

Hear me, Honey Child: do not feel guilty for taking time for yourself!!

Here are some great ideas for a fun time with the girls!

  • Gather your soul sisters together and plan a spa day. Pamper yourselves with massages, facials and mani/pedis; drink champagne, eat chocolate. Just make sure to spoil yourselves silly!
  • Plan a weekend vino tasting adventure! If it’s not possible to hop on a plane to Napa, host a wine tasting at your place. Invite everyone to bring their favorite bottle (or two!) along with an appetizer to pair with it and enjoy the vineyard at home.
  • Have a Girlfriend Staycation! Invite your girlfriends over, make sure there’s lots to munch on and have some choice beverages on hand. Watch movies with the latest heartthrob or binge the newest Netflix series.
  • Meet for a walk at your favorite nature spot. Or make some other fun, active plan. Rent bikes for the afternoon, take a yoga or meditation workshop, sweat it out in a spin class and then refuel with brunch afterwards.

Having fun is incredibly important. When we add playtime to our daily life, we open our hearts to receiving in so many ways.

Whether you’re up for a get-together or a get-away, the options are endless. So what are you waiting for? Go call your girlfriends right now! You’ve been putting this off way too long and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

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Spice Up Your Love Life This Valentine’s Day!

Let’s face it: most long-term couples find themselves in a romantic rut at one point or another. Between your kids’ busy schedules, your demanding jobs, and that never-ending and totally unsexy daily task list, it’s hard enough just to sit down and have a conversation, let alone make time for romance.

For some women, the problem is bigger than a lack of fun in the bedroom. They wish for a deeper sense of emotional intimacy and connection with their husbands. They think back to the early days of their courtship, to their lost sense of play and spontaneity and wonder if it’s possible to ever get that back.

I’ve got good news for you. It is absolutely possible to rekindle your sense of passion for each other!

Click here to learn a fresh fun way to spice up your Valentine’s Day…

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