The Secret to Better Relationships at this Time

Let’s be honest. This past month has been reeeaaally challenging on so many levels. So many clients and friends who initially were doing ok are now feeling worried aboutfinances, fearful of getting sick and having new stressors in their relationships since having to hunker down with each other 24/7.  We’re all experiencing some version of change… Continue reading The Secret to Better Relationships at this Time

The #1 Key To Connection

How was your Valentine week-end? Love-filled? Everything you were hoping for? OR sad and disappointing?? If your expectations were far from being met you are not alone!!! So many women told me the same thing. Even if they are in relationships they confided they felt disconnected. It can feel so lonely when you desperately want… Continue reading The #1 Key To Connection

Celebration Gift for YOU!

Celebration Gift for YOU!It’s my birthday this week and it’s a big, Big BIG one!!! Mama mia I’m turning 60! Mind blowing how fast the years go!Over the last 12 years I’ve learned, grown and been so inspired by the thousands of women in this community I want to give back to you. So in celebration… Continue reading Celebration Gift for YOU!