Journaling Through the Pain

Dear loveliness, when your relationship is on rocky ground it can bring about a boatload of anxiety, pain and panic. You may feel frozen or stuck, but believe it or not the upheaval is actually a wonderful invitation for growth – and when you journal, you can accelerate that growth. If you are willing to… Continue reading Journaling Through the Pain

How to Add Va-voom to your V-day!

Do you wish your Valentine’s Day was a bit… more? Are you craving more excitement, romance and passion in your relationship? If you’re feeling underwhelmed by your romantic life (especially at this time of year) you aren’t alone. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that puts a big spotlight on your love life. It can be… Continue reading How to Add Va-voom to your V-day!

Are You Lonely In Love? 4 Steps to Reconnect!

Sometimes love gets lonely. Even in the best relationship, you can occasionally feel alone and isolated. That sense of separateness can feel like a canyon dividing you’re relationship. Are you sitting home with your partner, night after night, feeling lonelier than if you actually lived on your own? Do you long for the past when… Continue reading Are You Lonely In Love? 4 Steps to Reconnect!

How to have more fun romantic adventures!

Has your sex life become routine and rather boring? If you’re looking for ways to spice up your so-so sex life you are not alone girlfriend! Droves of women (many of them over 40) are looking for ways to reinvigorate their once steamy sex life. Watch this video as I answer a client who questioned,… Continue reading How to have more fun romantic adventures!

How Can I Rekindle the Romance in My Relationship?

If you are feeling like the bodice ripping romance ( as my friend Lauren Frances calls it) has left your relationship you are not alone…Researchers say that within a short two to four years, the chemistry between a couple begins to wear off. So even if it’s normal for long-term couples to lose “the spark” over time, how can they keep the romance alive?

I had fun making this short video with my fellow YourTango Experts Sheila Paxton, Barbara Schiffman and Charles Orlando explaining how to make date night zesty and exciting again. Find out what’s necessary to make it alive and fresh!

Is Your Social Life Hurting Your Love Life?

It’s natural-when seeking out a healthy love relationship-to want to change yourself for the better. You think that a new haircut will make him fall in love again… a pretty dress will turn heads… an extreme diet and exercise regimen will make you worth loving. And these things can put an extra bounce in your step. But the best way to attract love into your life is to live your best life, a life in which romantic love is just the cherry on top.

Has your social life, or lack thereof, been holding you back from love-and from overall happiness? relationship site asked me and two other experts for tips on how you can evaluate your social habits, and change them for the better.

8 Ways To Make Your Sex Life Hilarious (And Why That’s Healthy!)

Laughter is very sexy—particularly in the bedroom. Is your sex life full of silly fun? If not, you are missing out on one of the easiest ways to bring you and your partner closer together. Laughing shows you are willing to release inhibitions, let down your guard, and let go of unhealthy tensions. In addition, when you laugh you become present—living in the moment—inviting connection and creating the space for deeper intimacy.