Ask Yourself This Life Changing Question

Now perhaps more than ever as our world is experiencing a pandemic health crisis and events, schools and places are being rescheduled, canceled or closed it’s an eye-opening opportunity to see what you are committed to. Take a minute and think about it, because everyone is committed to something.

Get honest and ask yourself a hugely important question, “What am I committed to – faith or fear?”

And hey, you may be thinking, times are scary and life is a struggle and that’s not negative, it’s simply the Truth. I get it – I used to think the same way. Until I stopped and made an honest assessment of ALL the results I was experiencing. That was a wake-up call because what I realized is how you do one thing is how you do everything! As I lived in fear and struggle, more things showed up to be fearful of, more struggles popped up and it was a continuous cycle.

It became clear I wasn’t living in faith…trusting that EVERYTHING is in Divine Order, and EVERYTHING is good, even if it doesn’t appear to be in the moment. Trusting that God is up there orchestrating it all for our highest good. The moment I really got this miraculous thing started showing up in my life.

The thing is even if you think you are committed to living a big happy life – if your dreams and goals are not becoming realities there is something – a belief, a fear, an assumption, a way of thinking that you are unknowingly committed to that is blocking you from feeling safe and peaceful and manifesting what you say you desire. Literally taking you in the opposite direction of your dreams.

That’s important because you know how it is to be committed – you’re ALL in, right?

And that’s GREAT when it’s a faith-based belief that serves you, but what about those fear-based beliefs that limit you? The truth is every belief, whether supportive or sabotaging wants to be right. As a matter of fact, they inspire behaviors that create results to prove they are right. That could show up as stuckness, unfairness, being broke, things not going your way, men leaving you, cheating on you, constant chronic illness – you name it- it’s a programming that keeps you in a vicious frustrating cycle.

The key is to find out what the commitments are that are wreaking havoc on your life and reframe them – so that they can become healthy, nourishing, positive commitments that will feed your soul and produce peace and happiness.

Here’s how you break those vicious cycles:

#1 Commit to filling your mind with faith-based beliefs

#2 Pay attention to your thoughts -if you notice you always think life is hard, you are committed to things being difficult. If you routinely worry about your abilities or competency you are committed to not being enough. If you stay on the sidelines and under the radar you might be committed to being invisible.

#3 Reframe your limiting thoughts – think a new empowering thought like “life is easy,” or “I am more than capable, who I am and what I say matters,” or “it’s safe to be seen,” or “with God all things are possible,” or “I trust God is guiding me to the best outcome or greatest opportunity even if I can’t see it now.”

#4 Take action – do the opposite of what you normally do. In meetings or group situations if you normally sit on the sidelines quietly, be the first to voice your opinion. If you normally back away feeling resistant to committing to something that would help you reach your goal – commit!

#5 Make a declaration right here, right now to commit to behavior that serves your desire! If it’s scary you know you’ve hit gold – jump in! Have Faith!

#6 Commit to being good to others, kind to everyone (even if they are unkind to you), give without remembering, take without forgetting.

This is so doable! All you have to do is make the decision to commit to Faith-based beliefs that will fulfill you and expand your life and ultimately bring you more happiness and love:)).

And the good news is, it’s easy! It’s just as easy to commit to a good thought/behavior as a bad thought/behavior.

What will you commit to now? The choice is yours!

Sparkling Love,

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This One Thing Will Make You Happy

Have you experienced a sound bath yet? They are FABULOUS  and all the craze here in Los Angeles!!! What you might ask is a sound bath???
It’s an amazing experience that helps you let go of all that no longer serves you + Manifest the BEST life ever! It re-calibrates your system, heals deeply, and energizes your life.
More specifically a Sound Bath is an acoustic sound healing journey that relaxes the body, clears the subconscious, calms the mind, and activates your body’s natural healing systems.
Not to worry if your city is yet to offer these sound sojourns because the awesome truth is Music has the ability to impact us in a similar way. Listening to your favorite song can take you deep and transport you to a specific time and place in your life that you loved – clearing negative energies and filling your body with a higher happier vibe.
This is the power of music. Did you know that it’s way more than nostalgia – that music does something very specific to our brain?

Read More

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The #1 Key To Connection

How was your Valentine week-end? Love-filled? Everything you were hoping for? OR sad and disappointing?? If your expectations were far from being met you are not alone!!! So many women told me the same thing. Even if they are in relationships they confided they felt disconnected. It can feel so lonely when you desperately want deeply bonded connection and it’s not happening. 

So today I want to share with you the key to a love life full of passion and soul-to-soul connection. It’s powerful. It’s sacred. It opens the gateway to intimacy.

Wanna know what it is…?

It’s actually quite simple…

TOUCH….absolutely key to feeling connected. It engages the senses God gave us for our emotional and physical well-being and pleasure, and is a powerful way to express what we cannot say. Yet still, we are a touch-starved society.

Don’t get me wrong; women love to hear the words, “I love you”, but touching launches relationships into intimacy by directly accessing the emotional self. Words are processed in the thinking part of the brain, while touch is processed by the emotional centers.

Endorphins, released by touching your lover or your own beautiful body, flow through the body creating a sense of caring and pleasure while calming daily stress.

A worldwide study done in the 1960s monitored the number of touches couples shared at coffeehouses around the world. The results reveal the drastic cultural differences we apply to skin-on-skin contact. Puerto Ricans got the prize-touching 180 times an hour, while Americans adhered to a strict diet touching only twice within an hour.

Thus began some serious research on the importance of touch, leading to the discovery that the amount of skin-to-skin contact in our lives plays a crucial role in our happiness and vitality. The act of touching influences our ability to form close relationships with other people, to deal with stress and pain, and even to fight off disease. The hunger for touch may manifest as depression, anxiety, irritability, boredom, pain, moodiness as well as make you feel isolated, separate and lonely.

So many women complain that their relationships lack intimacy-much of it arguably because of our touch barriers. We are born with an intense hunger for contact. The emotional development of babies depends on tons of touching and as adults we have a strong need to be held in someone’s arms, to hold hands, to be cuddled and caressed. Yet, most people don’t touch as often as they would like-afraid of being rejected as being needy or vulnerable, they cover their need for intimacy with work, activities, TV, food, drugs and alcohol.

If you want intimacy, it’s time to break the touch barriers! And the first step to developing a successful, intimate relationship with your partner is to first build intimacy with yourself. Exploring every inch of your body will help you get to know what you like and what makes you feel good. Once you’ve got this down, you can reach out to your partner with confidence to create the closeness you crave.

With all these fantastic reasons to bring touch into relationships let’s take a look at 7 ways you can incorporate touch into your life.

  1. Kissing: A 20-second kiss will raise his testosterone levels and make you feel closer.
  2. Moisturize head-to-toe: Applying lotion to your body guarantees that all of your skin will be touched and rubbed. For an added calming effect, use an aromatherapy lotion scented with lavender.
  3. Yoga: This popular fitness trend offers many of the benefits of touch because the poses involve rubbing limb against limb. Some Iyengar yoga classes also include a partnered practice-a great way to get your RDA of touching.
  4. Hugging: Full-body hugging increases closeness, connection and safety.
  5. Massage: The shoulders, hands and feet create an emotional release when touched. New York-based sex therapist Mildred Witkin suggests couples should practice touching in a way that is not explicitly sexual to keep intimacy and playfulness alive.
  6. Two to Tango: Dance classes are a great way to meet new people, and have your hand and waist held all evening long. Contact your local YMCA or dance studio for schedules.
  7. Back Rubs: Studies show that a daily back rub drastically reduces anxiety and creates positive changes in attitude.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, take the time to nurture yourself or your partner with some loving touch – it’s your gateway to intimacy, providing a powerful, solid message of care, support, acknowledgment and love.

Sparkling love,
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Celebration Gift for YOU!

Celebration Gift for YOU!

It’s my birthday this week and it’s a big, Big BIG one!!! Mama mia I’m turning 60! Mind blowing how fast the years go!

Over the last 12 years I’ve learned, grown and been so inspired by the thousands of women in this community I want to give back to you. 

So in celebration and gratitude for the huge blessing you are in my life I have a special gift for you.

Through your emails, comments, conversations and coaching you’ve graciously shared your struggles, heartaches and dreams. Often admitting that as much as you’d like to change you feel stuck and don’t know where to start.

I get it! I’ve been there.

If you’re in a place where you’re saying “enough is enough” and you are ready to step into the most magnificent version of you and Unleash Your Sparkle, THIS BIRTHDAY GIFT IS FOR YOU!

If you would like 1:1 support from me (yes you will be talking privately with me), for a limited time I’m offering a special “Love Your Life At Any Age” consult (a $350 value) for ZERO COST, my GIFT TO YOU in celebration of my 60th Birthday Week!

During this powerful, one-on-one consultation, you will work with me to…

  1. Identify your greatest challenge in your life right now, and the tools to minimize the struggle.
  2. Uncover your limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck. Most women don’t know how to get unstuck because they try to do it alone without expert guidance.
  3. Create your ideal vision for what you would love to feel, experience and see in all area’s of your life.

Remember, it’s impossible to create NEW results in your life until you first are aware of where you are, second – you know what’s holding you back, and third – you create a crystal-clear vision for what you truly want to create.

Only then can we design a specific and unique plan to help you attain the results you desire.

And here’s my promise: You will leave this session feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to Unleash Your Sparkle with the action steps to take to get there. Which could also include exploring working with me in the Heal Your Heart Coaching Program, and/or attending one of the Soul Sparkle Retreats I lead.

**Complimentary Love Your Life At Any Age Consultation**


To claim your 60-minute “Love Your Life At Any Age Complimentary Consultation” simply click HERE.

Please note: this complimentary gift is going out to my community of thousands and I have a limited number of appointments available on a first come, first served basis, so the sooner you take action, the better.

To claim your 60-minute “Love Your Life At Any Age Complimentary Consultation”
simply click HERE!

Thank you for being a blessing in my life!

Sparkling Love,
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The Secret to Heal Your Heart + Valentine Gift

Last week I was talking to a friend of mine about love…she shared that although she absolutely loves her 2nd husband and is very happy she would never love him with the same kind of wild abandon she had her first husband…she admitted to holding a part of her heart back…because of the pain she went thru in her previous marriage.

Can you relate?

Most of us have had experiences and situations in our lives that have in effect, caused us to build barriers to guard our hearts. We say to ourselves, “I’m never going to let that happen to me again!” and we feel safe with these protective walls. But mama mia that will also keep out the deeply connected and bonding love we desire. So the trick is to know when to allow your walls to collapse and let the old stories go. Once this happens, love can pour in.

And the truth is everyone deserves to live a life filled with love and loving connections. So how can we intentionally create and experience more love?

Although many of us look for love on the outside, the path to love really begins inside. This Rumi quote describes it perfectly:

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~ Rumi

Too often, the lack of deep love in our lives comes from a lack of self-love and self-compassion. Many of our love barriers were created to protect ourselves from our own inner critic. Most of us are incredibly hard on ourselves. When faced with our flaws the negative self chatter starts: “I’m not good enough. I’m worthless.” “I’m not interesting enough.” “I’m too old – who would want me?”

And of course, the goalposts for what counts as “good enough” seem always to remain out of reach. No matter how well we do, someone else always seems to be doing it better. The result of this line of thinking is sobering: Millions of people suffer from insecurity, anxiety, and depression, and much of this is due to self-judgment, to beating ourselves up when we feel we aren’t measuring up.

So what’s the answer?

To stop judging and evaluating ourselves altogether. To stop trying to label ourselves as “good” or “bad” and simply accept ourselves with an open heart. To treat ourselves with the same kindness, caring, love and compassion we would show to a good friend.

The secret to feeling more love is to practice staying open to love.

Develop a compassionate heart for yourself and others. Jesus talks a lot about the importance of compassion and having compassion for yourself is just as important as having compassion for others. You have to care about yourself before you can really care about other people.

When you feel safe with yourself – knowing you are your own best-friend; others will be drawn to you with an open heart. The opportunities to both give and receive love will be abundant.

Love is one of those things that it’s so expansive and infinite in nature; we will never have “too much” of it. We can only acquire more. Which is kind of the whole point isn’t it? When we heal ourselves more and more we can receive all of life’s blessings and love.

So get in there, work it out. Remove any and all things that may be getting in the way of you experiencing MORE LOVE in your everyday life. I hope and wish for you the healing and the experiences for your container to hold this magnificent gift to grow and grow, and grow with each new day.

Sparkling Love,


PS — I want to give you something to help you release the past and open to more love… Click here for your Valentine FREE Gift (password: love).

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3 Dream Blockers + 3 Sizzling Solutions!

Last week we talked about setting yourself up for success in 2020 with 3 questions to gain clarity on your dream.

Did you answer them? Let’s assume you have. Ok then! You’ve got a dream, a goal, ambition and you’re ready to take the world by storm. Woo hoo!

And then, if you’re like everyone else, almost as soon as you decide to go for it, it seems like one thing after another comes up to side track and derail you! Soooooo very frustrating isn’t it???

Here’s the thing…anyone who’s dared to dream knows that the initial excitement will eventually be met with some form of obstacle or resistance. In addition to those outer roadblocks, your inner world starts to create some jam ups too. Why? Because as soon as you decide for a dream anything unlike it must come up to be released and re-patterned. So, how do you move past these derailments on the path to your oh so awesome dream?

The first step is to recognize that a roadblock is not a dead end.

When a challenge arises, it’s important to stay connected to your “why” and not to give up. Why do you want this particular thing? As long as you keep this in the forefront of your mind you can recenter, refocus and recommit.

After all, a detour on the way to work wouldn’t keep you from getting to your end destination. So why would you let a detour on the path to your dream keep you from reaching your aspirations?

Today I’m going to share the 3 most common obstacles people encounter on the way to their dream and how to recognize these culprits and move past them.
This way, when you encounter an obstacle you can say, “Nothing is stopping me – there is a power far greater than me – that is ALWAYS with me – that can help me handle any curveball that comes my way! I’m on course for my dream life!“
Sparkling Love,
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3 Great Questions to 2020 Vision

You and your dream have been on my mind as I sit sipping coffee in a cabin in Mammoth today (pic above) totally awed by God’s gift of nature – the strength of the snow covered mountains, the crisp cleanliness of the air, the energy orbs showing up in my pictures…there’s a feeling of Divine magic in the air. The sense that anything is possible…

So tell me, if you knew that anything was possible and you were guaranteed to succeed what would you do?

Have you created your vision for 2020? Imagine it’s December 31st, 2020 and you are sipping champagne with someone you love – do you have a clear vision of what you would be celebrating?

Could you describe it in detail right now or is it a bit fuzzy?

Today we’re going to be focusing on your most sparkling blueprint for the coming year!

If you are like most people, you see bits and pieces of what you want to happen or you might be afraid to dream for fear of being disappointed, so it’s still a blank canvas.

Regardless, know that you can have the love-filled, exciting, happy life you desire. All you have to do is get very specific about what you want and stay connected to that vision every day and voila you are making welcome the life you would love.

So, let’s get you crystal clear!!

It IS possible to have the WHOLE enchilada.

CLICK Here to learn the 3 key steps to clarity

Cheers to you and the New Year!!!

Sparkling Love,


PS – Big News – I would love to support you in achieving your vision and want to share something very exciting – I was recently trained in a new process (Alternate Life Balance) that rewires the subconscious to support you in achieving the visions/dreams you would love. Why this is important for you is that unless you have underlying beliefs that are in vibrational alignment with what you desire, that dream will stay “out there” typically leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated. If you are interested in setting yourself up for success on a subconscious level, and want to learn more about how to do that, click here to set up a time to chat with me :))


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This One Thing Will Make 2020 Yours!

This One Thing Will Make 2020 Yours!

Time to say sayonara to 2019 and let the New Year and DECADE Begin!!!

If you really want to see big change, consider this….rather than setting resolutions, make a courageous commitment to live on the edge of your comfort zone.

You sure would be in good company!! I remember seeing Dianne Feinstein and a bevy of other iconic females being interviewed and they all said the key to a happy and fulfilling life involves taking risks and stepping out of your safety zone.

According to these empowered women, that’s when life becomes magical and you are truly living into your genius and greatness.

As inspiring as that sounds you may be saying to yourself, “That seems kinda scary. My life may be a bit boring but routine suits me because I know what to expect and I like being in control…” sound familiar?

In the spirit of this theme I say shake it up baby!!! 

Living a routine life may feel safe, but it will suck your spirit dry! You’ll be parched, wilted, lifeless, dreamless with about as much energy as a sloth on a hot summer day. There’s no room for expansion and expansion is what makes you FEEL alive!! It’s time to follow your dreams and drink deeply from the well of the unknown. 

Now you might be thinking, “How does one do that?” Truth be told all it takes is an intention to make 2020 the year you live fully, a willingness to be open to new experiences, and a commitment to bring forth consistent courage.

This means reflecting, identifying and overcoming those things that keep you in your rut. Then coming up with new behaviors and structures that are in alignment with who you want to become; the you that embraces life and all its opportunities; the you that is determined to look back at your life with no regrets.

Here’s an exercise to get you started. Go ahead and grab 3 pieces of paper and a pen and begin writing:

  1. Page #1 – write down all the relationships you want to release and/or set the intention you only want to have joyful and happy relationships. Send love to those you are releasing and then burn the list in a safe place like your fireplace.
  2. Page #2 – write down all the physical stuff you don’t want to bring into 2020 – items that take up space and keep you attached to the past. Next take action to clear it out. That may mean pictures that remind you of relationships that went south, clothing that no longer fits or makes you feel good, paperwork and clutter! Move it out and move it forward sister!
  3. Page #3 – list the emotional things or habits/patterns you don’t want to bring into 2020 – this can be old limiting patterns that don’t serve you anymore or emotional habits like guilt, shame, blame, avoidance, anger, sadness. It might be obligations, or unhealthy habits. I’m releasing a pattern of playing it safe– in the New Year I want to be more vulnerable and reach/impact more people! I’m committed to sharing more of my life experiences to inspire others. What emotions or patterns are you willing to release?

Doing this exercise will make you feel lighter, clear and more confident. As you feel more confident you’ll be more willing to take risks. Voila! You are now living on the edge of your comfort zone.

Sparkling Love,


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3 Fun Things to Ask Yourself!

Wow, are we really in the “nth” hour of 2019? Can you believe it??

You may have had a really tough year and are looking forward to saying sayyyy-onnnn-ara!!!.That’s probably true for many people. On the other hand, there is no doubt you’ve had some real gem moments that may need to be mined from the last year.

Whether you’ve had high times or low times, there is some great wisdom to be had in all of it… if you know how to look for it.

Something fun I like to do at the end of the year is a “real”reflection because if you are anything like me, there is a tendency to focus on what didn’t get done. Right? Mama mia that can take you right down the rabbit hole!

So today I’m sharing this enlightening year end tradition with you; it’s perfect to do right now before you get caught up in all the New Year’s Eve glitz and blitz.

Started several years ago this is not only easy and fun, it helps me see all the good things that happened; clear the chaos and clutter to GET the lesson, and sets me up for a spectacular and exciting New Year.

What I’m talking about involves 3 simple, fun and eye-opening questions.

Click here for 3 fun questions to ask yourself….

Sparkling Love,

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Gratitude Gift for YOU! Awaken Your Feminine Essence, Sensuality and Inner Glow

This has been a very reflective month for all that I’m grateful for (soooo thankful for the BIG full moon this month illuminating it so clearly! Wow was that spectacular or what?!)

Top of my list, is always the gratitude I have for my beautiful mom who taught me so much about love…

Equally important is YOU!! I’m VERY grateful to you for being part of our Sparkle community – for supporting me and my mission and for showing up for yourself and continuing to do what it takes to move forward and become your most loving, happy and joyful Self.

I feel like such a proud mom every time I receive a message from you letting me know how things have changed and positively shifted for you…:)

Sooo, in appreciation for all you give to me, I would like to GIVE YOU a gratitude gift – Sparkle with Feminine Power (30 minute meditation), that will change your life in a very positive way.

As you listen to this guided journey you will notice there is a sound bath component that is key to a quick and powerful way to unlock your feminine power!

Sound healing is an effective method that’s been used successfully for centuries to help women ignite their natural feminine power. The amazing effects of the tuning forks will balance your masculine and feminine energies and connect you to your sensual, radiant, Divine essence.

As a woman you know all too well how stress can affect your energy leaving you feeling tired and out of sorts. It’s easy to lose sight of your divine radiance when you’re juggling the day-to-day demands of life. Even the most evolved woman will occasionally feel out of touch with her strengths.

Just like a piano, the mind, body and spirit need fine-tuning. We store life experiences as energy patterns in our anatomy. Some experiences, especially negative ones, create blockages interrupting the free flow of our vital feminine power. If left unchecked, these blocks will erode your well-being and rob you of your Divine Diamond Power.

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy has the ability to unblock and release energy disturbances inside the body so that feminine balance and intrinsic power are restored effortlessly.

Click here for my gift to you.

The vibration of sound has many effects on both the conscious and the unconscious levels allowing powerful shifts to occur. The influence of sound can energize, uplift, and rejuvenate the feminine spirit.

Women are phenomenal givers – but not always to themselves. So my sparkling sisters, as you fly into the holidays, taking care of everyone else’s needs, commit to taking a few minutes every day to be still, listen to this meditation and appreciate the beauty of YOU!

To sum it all up this lovely quote to inspire our connection to the beauty that we are:

“Feminine Power isn’t something we go out and acquire, it’s already within us. It’s something we become willing to experience”
– Marianne Williamson

Sparkling hugs of gratitude,


PS – If you spend some time with this consistently you will notice how your life and world begin to blossom in the loveliest of ways…:))

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