How to Avoid Sabotaging Yourself in 2017

What would you love in 2017?

You are at a perfect point to plan and prepare for the best year you’ve ever had – SO exciting! 

It starts with taking a stand for the life you desire and knowing that…

“Your history does not determine your destiny.”

Loooove that quote!! 

That means leading yourself in an empowered way.

But how do you do that when you’re not sure what that means or how to do it?

Ironically it’s not just about how you lead yourself. Did you know the power of the other is always at work in your life? 

It’s been widely suggested not to let others have power over us – but they do.  

According to acclaimed leadership expert, psychologist and NY Times best-selling author Dr. Henry Cloud the power of the other can effect you from the boardroom to the bedroom…and beyond! 

So what do you do about it so you can have a fantastic 2017?

Listen to my interview with Dr. Cloud and discover:

  • How you can create relationships that support your growth and inspire you to be all that you can be
  • How to disconnect from the power of the other that seems to sabotage or put a kabash on your dreams

Click here to listen to Dr. Cloud….

Here’s to surrounding yourself with the right people for your BEST year yet!!!

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