Setting Boundaries this Fall

As we head into fall it’s the perfect time to regroup and refocus on the visions and goals we set at the beginning of the year. It’s so easy for everyday distractions to take us in different directions during the summer; maybe the kids are at home pulling on you in every which way or your relationship ended… Continue reading Setting Boundaries this Fall

How to Stay Young Forever

This past week I was going through some old pictures and reminiscing about a wonderful day I had with my two great friends, Cherry and LeeAnn. We had gone on a 27 mile bike ride along the beach sharing our goals, funny stories and laughing about past memories. We stopped for beer, delicious crab legs… Continue reading How to Stay Young Forever

Make Your Summer Sparkling

Year round we all long for the carefree, sunshine filled days of summertime. It is hard to think about summer without those feel-good tingles of joy and reminiscing on fond memories. Warm weather, endless opportunities and spontaneous adventures are around every corner! Whether you are indulging in a tropical vacation or working and spending time… Continue reading Make Your Summer Sparkling

Have you done this lately?

When’s the last time you had a good laugh? I don’t mean a little chuckle, or texting LOL to a friend. I mean a real, joyful, throw your head back kind of laugh! Research tells us we are more attractive to men (and everyone for that matter) when we laugh in their presence. So the question… Continue reading Have you done this lately?

3 Steps to Freedom

As we celebrate this month of freedom, ask yourself, “am I willing to be free?” Free from fear… Free from worry… Free from what others think? Would you allow yourself to behave in ways that unleash your soul magnificence and express your Truth? We’re talking dancing freely in a park, speaking up in a group,… Continue reading 3 Steps to Freedom

4 Tips to Build Friendships

Yay summer is here!!! I love the long days of sunshine and warmth and all the opportunities for adventurous frolics!!! Yessiree summer is a fantastic time to reconnect with all your favorite girlfriends! And I’m not talking about putting together a brunch with friends where all you do is sit around complaining about the men… Continue reading 4 Tips to Build Friendships

Tip to Create More Intimacy

Yay summer is here!!! It’s time to step out of hibernation and soak in the sunshine! In my last post, we learned some great tools to let go of resentment and forgive so that we can “lighten” our hearts to open and connect with others more meaningfully. But for many of us, that can be… Continue reading Tip to Create More Intimacy

How to Forgive in 7 Steps

“If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive.” ~ Mother Theresa Wow – powerful quote…and sometimes easier said than done, right? Is there anyone you’re holding a grudge against and having difficulty letting it go? I get it – I’ve been there. Several years ago my sister and I got into… Continue reading How to Forgive in 7 Steps