6 Steps to Make your Leading Lady Debut

6 Steps to Make your Leading Lady DebutWhoa! I received some amazing feedback from last weeks article called “Are You Leading Lady Material” (if you missed it, read it here before reading on)

The timing of this series on being your Leading Lady is key; we just celebrated Mothers Day in North America, a day where we celebrate mothers and the integral role they play in our lives.

Clients tell me that after they have kids they lose their sense of self, and after the kids grow up, they find it hard to find them selves again.

Ever seen an ‘Empty Nester’ go a bit hog wild? They join every class, do every activity and become a social butterfly. Or they become a house hermit, and getting them to come out for coffee is like pulling teeth? Big extremes but the same problem – women who have lost touch with their Leading Lady status.

So last week we wrote out the characteristics of our Leading Lady, and we created a vision board of everything she embodies. We visited that board twice a day because images and repetition are what rewire our brain and change our energetic vibration.

This week we are going to ground that Leading Lady with a system I call:

6 Principles for Becoming the Sparkling Leading Lady of Your Life

Step 1: Awareness

Becoming aware of what is lacking in your life and raising your awareness on what you want to be in your life is the first key step. Its easy to keep focusing on anything and everything but YOU. But trust me darlin’, turn the spotlight on you, it’s time to take center stage!

Step 2: You have to Want It

If you are like many women, you will put EVERYONE and everything ahead of yourself. At some point in our lives, we accepted that putting everyone else first was our role, but all that accomplishes is to run your well of energy and vibrancy dry.

Time to put yourself FIRST and WANT IT. Understand that self-love and putting your needs at center stage doesn’t make you selfish or a bad mother, partner, lover etc. It really makes you a better one!! Tell yourself each day, several times a day – “I am the Leading Lady of my life! I deserve to be Happy!”

Step 3: Decision to Commit

The way you think creates a pattern of vibration. As soon as you make the decision to commit to being your Leading Lady, you change your frequency. Stepping up and into commitment creates resolve. When you decide you are “all in”, closing all back doors, you bring life to your Leading Lady! Decisions are powerful they change the trajectory of your life. Make the decision to remind yourself you deserve the spotlight in your life. Time to Level Up baby!!!

Step 4: Commitment

I talk about commitment a lot, it can sound like a broken record, but I do this because so many of us start something and we stop, we give up, or we change direction. When what we need to do is trust ourselves, and commit to our decisions until we follow through. Do this! It will change your life!

Step 5: Accountability

Sticking to your commitment can be tough, I know, so find yourself an accountability partner, someone who you can check in with, who knows your goal and who can call you out when you start to lose focus or change direction. I have an accountability partner for my biz and another for my fitness and let me tell you, it really makes a difference!! It keeps us aligned and accountable to our decisions. Studies show that 98% of the people who achieve the results they desire have a structure of support. It also makes this MORE FUN, when you can share this journey to Leading Lady status with someone else.

Step 6: Discipline & Focus

Congrats! Step 6 is here. You’ve stepped into new beliefs and behaviors and increased your energetic vibration, you’ve set up an accountability structure and now your biggest task is to STICK TO IT!

If you told yourself right now, to get up, and go for a walk, or book that manicure you’ve been dying for, can you follow through with it? Or when you give yourself a command, do you find yourself formulating an excuse not to do it right away?

Time to hold yourself accountable, be disciplined and focus girlfriend! Getting to your Sparkling self takes some work, but it doesn’t have to be lacking in fun. When I am disciplined and I follow through with my commands, I reward myself! And I make sure the reward is worth it!!!

Make sure that if you’ve come this far, you stay disciplined! You owe it to yourself to get to the bonus step!

Bonus Step: Visioning and Limelight Celebration!

CONGRATULATIONS Sister!! This is the bonus celebration step.

When you’ve completed the previous 6 steps, you’ve created your vision for your Leading Lady, now the bonus step is about envisioning to solidify and make the changes you’ve done PERMANENT. How do we do this? We hook into the senses; sight, smell, taste, touch…. If your Leading Lady wears Chanel No 5, then every morning spritz that amazing and timeless perfume on baby! Keep hooking into your senses with the vision board you created from the last post and watch your outer world take notice as your vibrations rise to delicious heights.

Be ready for the comments sister – “There’s something different about you!” or “Wow, you look amazing! How did you do it?”

Celebrate this step, and yourself, for making lasting change in your life that will benefit you, and everyone in your life!

Being your own Leading Lady and showing up in the world in your unique and amazing way is going to change your life, and I cannot wait to see what incredible sparkling changes you manifest into your life!

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