6 Steps to Get on Track with Your Truth

attachmentHave you ever gotten off track with your truth?

Or ignored that calling in your heart that wants to come out to play?

Goodness knows I have at times in my life. It’s frustrating isn’t it?  One minute you’re clear as day and the next caught up in a mire of distractions that cleverly keep you from living on purpose and in joy. I like to call these detractors Radiance Robbers. From emails to grocery shopping to people pleasing to external validation, these sweet talking bandits hi-jack your happiness.

And over time you start to feel pretty miserable because if you allow distractions and sabotaging behaviors to run your life you aren’t in integrity with who you are. You aren’t committed to YOU and when you can’t commit to yourself chances are others won’t feel compelled to commit to you either.  Mama mia what a life we create when we abandon ourselves!

One of the ways I was living out of integrity was putting my soul calling to write a book on the back burner. I had a boatload of excuses as to why the timing was never right but just like a beach ball you struggle to keep under water, those inner tugs kept popping up… insistently.

Until one day I had the courage to say “YES” and immediately all the discomfort faded away and was replaced with an excitement that I was going to do what I was here to do. That changed the trajectory of my life for the better a million times over and it will do the same for YOU.

So how do you follow the truth in your heart no matter what? Whether it’s writing a book, running a marathon, changing jobs, getting married or getting divorced – if you want to be happy, living in integrity is not a choice. You know you are out of integrity with yourself when you feel like something’s “off” or missing or flat lined or worse.

The way back is to get honest with yourself and then take some key steps to start honoring your truth. Whether that means hiring a coach to help you write your book or overcome emotional blocks, setting up accountability with a friend to train for a race, talking to a divorce attorney to separate from someone who is emotionally or physically abusive – you have to take steps. Does it take guts and gumption? You bet – but boy does it feel good!

Here are 6 steps that will help you successfully loosen up the energy of stress and get on track with your truth.

  1. Vision – Create a visual of the end result – I did a mock up of the book. That looked like designing a cover, printing it out and wrapping it around a book. Voila! What can you create that is a symbol of your dream? Have fun with this!
  2. Why – what is your why? This is super important as it will carry you past your excuses
  3. Yack about it – tell your friends and family – it makes it more real. There is such power in verbalizing your dream – bringing a stronger level of commitment to it – this is also a way to close the back door.
  4. Take action! – Take an action step daily towards your dream – whether it’s research, talking about it, writing, hiring support, visualizing – every step takes you closer to actualization. And by the way, you don’t need to know all the steps – take it one at a time. I love that saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”J).
  5. Accountability – set up a structure to hold yourself accountable. Harvard has done studies that show successful people put support systems in place to keep them on track. It’s human nature to slide – know thyself and set yourself up not only for success but to stay in integrity with your commitment.
  6. Date – choose a finish date. Setting this intention moves you forward faster. If you aren’t finished on time, don’t beat yourself up, simply create a new date and celebrate how far you have come! I moved my date out a few times and it didn’t take anything away from the sheer joy I felt when I held my book for the first time.

Part of what makes these steps easy to accomplish is having some fun in your life while you are making these hard transitions. Get your gal pals together for some girlfriend getaways, go dancing, listen to music, let go with laughter yoga, embrace your passions whatever they may be so that you clear your mind and stay connected to the truth that’s in your heart.

Did this make a difference for you? If so please leave a comment below – I love hearing from you:))


    1. Hi Jami Lynn,

      Isn’t that the truth (pun intended)? We always feel our best when we’re living in alignment with our greater selves. Glad this article was helpful for you.


  1. This post really resonated with where I currently am in life. I am working towards big changes in my life and was able to get a doable method for getting there. Having a step-by-step plan makes the transition less scary. Thank you!

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