5 Ways to Find Your Freedom and Leave “STUCK” in the Dust

stuckHave you ever thought that your life looked perfect on paper, but in real life you just feel… stuck?

Maybe you hold a great job that took years to cultivate, or you’re married to a kind and generous man but the relationship has gotten stagnant and you’re not sure why.

You might think, “Boy, this all looks great. So why do I feel so dull?”

Often, we work so hard to get to the destination that we completely forget to nurture the special spark of creativity and play that we started with.

Baby, you are definitely worthy of a life filled with glimmering zest!

Here are 5 things you can do today to free yourself from the feeling of “stuck.” I promise that you’ll feel the sparkle begin to stir within after you try even one of them!

1. What would you love? In this moment, right now, ask yourself, “What would I love? What would make me feel absolutely luminous?” Maybe you would love to plan out a luxurious bath for yourself tonight, or maybe you just need to step away from work and take long, deep breaths for five minutes. Recognize how you can nurture yourself and take action! Staying stuck happens when we continue to do the same things over and over again expecting different results. The bridge between where you are at (feeling stuck) and where you want to be (genuinely happy and excited about your life) is built by taking action steps to support the vision. Those new action steps create an energy that is in harmony with your vision and that is when THINGS START MOVING!! Like magic, before you know it, you are no longer stuck. Yay!

2. Spend Time with a Girlfriend. Sharing a bond of love and friendship with another woman is extremely important – it will put the dazzle back in your smile. Make it a priority to call up a girlfriend or two and set a date! Connecting creates oxytocin the “feel good” hormone. It’s amazing how quickly you can shift your energy by having a heart-to-heart and feel fabulously rejuvenated – do it today!

3. Move Your Body. When was the last time you enjoyed exercise? A walk around the park or an introspective yoga class may be just what you need to release stress and re-light your inner fire. Choose movement that inspires you. Exercise also brings fresh oxygen to the brain and therefore fresh perspective and solutions to those nagging thoughts that are weighing you down. Most importantly having a regular routine of fitness increases your confidence and gives you the courage to deal with your life more effectively bringing more happiness!

4. Express Appreciation. I’ll let you in on a little secret: men love to be appreciated. If there’s a special man in your life, find a way to open your heart and tell him why you’re grateful for him. Watch him puff up like a peacock – inspired to do more for you. Your genuine appreciation will bring you more support and connection.

5. Practice Vulnerability as Strength. We often forget that opening our heart and sharing our innermost thoughts and feelings is not a weakness – it’s a great asset, and it’s how we stand in our radiant power as women. Granted it can be a little scary…but you can do it!! I challenge you to empower yourself today by acknowledging your emotion, whatever it may be, and living in a space of open communication with the people in your life. You will create those deeply loving relationships you crave by letting your courage leading the way:))
Practice any or all of these 5 steps and you will definitely get yourself out of your rut – leaving stuck in the dust and living a life you love!

Are you still unsure about exactly how to move forward? I would be thrilled to support you on your journey toward passion and sparkle.
Click HERE  to schedule a complimentary “Get Unstuck and Sparkle” strategy session NOW and either myself or one of my caring Team members will be happy to chat with you!


  1. THANKS! SPARKLE is what I’m doing and feeling! Thanks for the reminder!
    Funny, I had jus asked hubby if we could run to the beach today, since weekend traffic is always a deterrent. Guess what? Blah, blah…work…blah-blah.
    He’s usually the spontaneous one, what has happened?
    Anyway, I’ve set lunch with my dear friend for tomorrow, super casual here.
    Fun breaks are just as important as the handling the necessities that can easily take over and de-energize life!

    Thanks for the oh, sooooo supportive timing!

    Love & Sparkle to you too!


    1. Barbara,

      You are SO right! Carving out time for laughter, play and relaxation is vital to our ability to enjoy life. Otherwise, what’s the point!?


    1. Rabiah,

      Many women get that “stuck” feeling when they spend great amounts of time caring for others. Dedicating even 15 minutes to yourself each day can be a great place to start loosening the grip of “stuck” right away. Give it a try!


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