5 steps to Balancing your life (learned in the Dead Sea!)

Last week in the community call I shared how I had just returned from a phenomenal pilgrimage to Israel – truly transformational!

One of the adventures I talked about on that call, and would like to dive deeper into today, was my experience at the Dead Sea.

It began as our bus of 59 pilgrims rounded the bend and caught our first glimpse of the water – stunningly still and shimmering under the brilliance of the sun. As we pulled into Herods Dead Sea Spa, we couldn’t get out quick enough to suit up and frolick in that salty sea.

And boy did we!!

Some dashed right in, others slowly, but no matter how we entered, we all seemed to bob around precariously (trying to avoid salt in the eye – warned that would be no bueno!) until we let ourselves float.

And the real fun began as we attempted playful floating poses (a la me in pic above). The operative word being “attempted” – ay yi yi!!! It was soon discovered any movement in this wiggly water caused instant instability. And that’s when a lesson dropped in.

First let’s take a step back to understand why it’s called the Dead Sea…basically because water flows into it from the Jordan River, but there is no outlet for it to flow out: its water has no escape.

Without flow there is stagnation. Stuckness.

Now think about your life. How many painful/hurtful experiences have flowed into your life (relationships, work, friends, family, kids etc) that are yet to be resolved and still bobbing about in your emotional waters? Ever notice how this stuck energy can cause you to feel dull, unstable and directionless at times? I sure have!

We can end up exerting a lot of energy and wasting a ton of precious time in that wobble if we don’t know how to navigate it. While negotiating and stabilizing my pose in the Dead Sea I thought about how much this feat parallels the stabilization we desire when we feel out of sorts in our lives.

And happily discovered a system that helped me work a wiggle to obtain my floating pose. I want to share this 5 step process so you can have more fun floating thru your turbulent times too.

Step #1 – Set your intention: determine what you desire and align your mind with its attainment. This is crucial! You have to know what you want and keep it in the forefront of your mind at all times.

Step #2 – Allow for falls: As you take action on your intention you may fall a few times – almost everyone does! Let that be ok and keep going. As I attempted to hold my pose long enough for a picture (literally a split second) I fell many times. It was trickier than I thought due to all the salt induced underswelling (is that even a word? LOL). Like life, all these big unsupportive underlying energies can get in the way of reaching your dreams. Patience!! You will get there!

Step #3 – Learn from others: After a few faulty attempts I started looking around to see what I could learn from my fellow pilgrims who had attained balance and success in their poses. Very helpful! Don’t be afraid to get help from others – much quicker path than continuing to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results (Einsteins definition of insanity!).

Step #4 – Stay with it: Laughter and persistence were my best friends. Remember to keep your focus on what you want, and as you stay with it, the most important thing of all is what you learn about yourself along the way.

Step #5 – Work your wiggle! Have fun with it!! Discover and put into play your special ‘somethin, somethin’, making this journey to your dream uniquely yours. Own your wondrous wiggle baby!!! The world will be so glad you did!!

Follow these 5 steps to navigate life’s undertows and have way more fun floating into balance. Love to know how YOU work your wiggle to attain balance and achieve your dreams – please share in the comment section below lovely!



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