5 Self-Love Tips to Fuel the Soul

I love me
Self Love Fuels the soul.

It’s that simple, it’s that perfect.

So today, I’m going to pretend it’s you and me, sitting in our favorite hangout having our favorite beverage together. I’m looking at you from across the table and I say…

“Girl you are overdue for some hardcore, down to the marrow self love. Let’s clear a day for you THIS WEEK so you can refuel, recharge and treat yourself like the amazing woman you are!! “

Then, we’d go to our favorite store and you’d buy some bath oils, a new cushy robe maybe and those thingies you put between your toes when you get a pedicure. Yup we would go all out for your needed self love at home SPA DAY.

Doesn’t that sound great?

Reality is, that unless I am right there next to you, encouraging you to take a morning off from everyone and spend it on yourself, you might not do it.

But let’s change that!

By making yourself a priority, you can more easily make others important as well.

Here’s some Self Love Day suggestions that will fill you up and make you sparkle! (make time for a self love day at least once a month!)

1. Make a homemade sugar body scrub – mix together honey and raw sugar and rub this on your body in the shower brushing off and washing away all the dead skin. As you do so imagine you are scrubbing off all the negative clinging issues that make you feel unlovable and/or low. You’ll feel fresh, polished and prettyJ)

2. Have an I Love You bath or shower. Get a white soap like Dove and work it into a lather all over your body. You should be able to ‘write’ on your body and see it. Write I love you on your arm, and say out loud “I love you arm, you help me hold the hand of my partner, or you helped me cradle my children” and praise that body part. Do the same to your breasts, belly, your legs, even your bottom! Praise every body part, and then lovingly wash off the soap. You will feel so much love for your body.

3. Write a yourself a love letter! Write a love letter to yourself describing everything that you love and find amazing about yourself. Use your favorite pen and some pretty paper and have fun with it! Share with yourself how proud you are of what you’ve accomplished. If any negative speak comes into your head, brush it away- physically brush it from your body and keep writing!

4. Give your hair a loving treatment! Get an old towel and wet your hair. Rub several tablespoons of Coconut oil into your hair and wrap in the towel. Leave it in for a few hours – the perfect time to read a juicy fiction or watch a movie- then wash as normal, your hair will feel so silky and nourished!

5. Give yourself a mani or pedi or both! You can buy DIY kits at most drugstores. Paint your nails a bright SELF LOVE red and every time you look at your handiwork, you will feel that love!
It doesn’t take much effort to create a day of love for yourself, you can do anything that resonates with you, just be sure that you are using positive words of love for yourself, it really makes a difference!

The words we say to ourselves carry an energetic vibration that is very powerful!

I want you to be very aware of your self-talk during your self-love day. Dr Masaru Emoto’s studies show that the way we speak to ourselves carries its own energetic weight.

For instance, in one of his experiments conducted with words and music there were two glasses of water, drawn from an identical water source. On each glass were written words. One glass has positive messages written on it, and the other, negative messages. The water was left to sit in the glasses for a while then the water was looked at under a microscope.

What they discovered is astounding!!

The molecules of water that were in the glass with the positive words scrawled on it looked like snowflakes, they were beautiful, and reflected light like prisms. BEAUTIFUL.

On the other hand, the water molecules that were left to sit in the glass with the negative message written on it, when they were examined were shockingly black and yellow and looked horrible!

Click here to watch a 3 minute video showing Dr. Emoto’s findings 

Let’s share our self-love days!


  1. Hi Sherri

    This is wonderful. I have always found self love very difficult, but I think I can use these ideas.

    I really appreciate your newsletter. Thank you for all your effort through your book and newsletters I have changed a lot in the last few years.

    Thank you
    kind regards

    1. Jill,

      Self-love is one of those things that requires patience, commitment and dedicated action. We all struggle with it from time-to-time, but the simple fact that you’re reading this article says a lot about where you’re headed.

      Sending you so much love on your journey. Keep us posted with how you’re doing, and take good care! 🙂


  2. Totally agree. Science is now able to give us proof that our thoughts “are matter” and that they “do matter” and that positive thoughts will affect us positively and negative thoughts negatively. So the more mindful we become and quicker to let go of the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones God made us to be (good, positive, strong, healthy) the easier it is to be who he created us to be. Seeing that sometimes the background conversation of “am I worthy and deserving” to be all that I want also needs to be dealt with and God only makes what is good and I knowing that I am a precious child of the most high God helps me to put things into perspective.

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