4 Tips to Bliss!

Last week I fulfilled one of my bucket list dreams – hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim! Wow what an amazing experience! We started on the North Kaibab Trail at 4am with nothing but our headlamps lighting the way. After a challenging 14 miles downhill we arrived at Phantom Ranch where we caught our breath for a day and had a chance to rest our wobbly and sore muscles! Then we climbed up Bright Angel Trail for 10 miles ( the last 3-4 miles being steep, steep, did I say steeeeeeeeeep, switchbacks!) Oy!!!!!

Whoohooo was I ever elated to reach the top of the south rim!! It was sure a sweet moment and one that will always make my heart smile. But believe you me, reaching this dream wasn’t always easy! There were challenges and times I wanted to quit and that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

YOU most likely have a dream or something really significant that you would love to see happen in your life. And what I learned and want to share with you is this; set yourself up with a highly developed mindset for success. It’s crucial to keep the end result in the forefront of your mind! Staying in a high vibration will help you stay connected to the completion of your dream.

That said, today, we focus on how you can develop mindfulness around your vibrational energy – one of my favorite topics – by making small changes in your daily life.

When you allow your energy to be at a high vibration, you become like that gorgeous diamond in the window at Tiffany: bright, beautiful and absolutely magnetic! Unfortunately, too many of us are walking around day-to-day engaging in behaviors that zap our energy and cause our vibration to plummet – taking us away from our dreams. The good news is that there are plenty of easy ways to get back on track.

Listen to Music

Music IS vibration! And research shows that it has a powerful effect not only on mood but perception, memory, and neuro-plasticity as well. One study from Australiaused music to help brain injury patients remember aspects of their lives that they had forgotten.

You’ll want to be aware of the types of songs you’re drawn to. If you notice you’ve got a playlist full of downers, try putting on something more positive and upbeat.

Eat the Right Foods

Are you eating foods that have a lot of junk in them? I’m not just talking about sugar and unhealthy fats but also toxins and pesticides. You may not know exactly how your food is grown or what went into processing it, but you can discern how it’s affecting you. Listen to your body after each meal. Keep a food journal. If you begin to notice that you feel low energy after eating something, then you’ll know it’s not nurturing to your mind or body. Eliminate it an start choosing foods that make you feel more energized.

Surround Yourself with High Vibrational People

If you surround yourself with people who vibrate negative or angry energy, that will begin to take a toll on you. It may not be possible for you to avoid these people outright – sometimes they’re family members – but you can start to set some boundaries around your interactions and time you spend with them.

An effective tool to use when around negativity is to put yourself in a white bubble of light and say to yourself, “Whatever is directed at me and not of the highest divine essence, bounces off and goes back to love.” Remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said: “All the water in the world can’t drown you unless you let it in.”

Think Good Thoughts

Thoughts that are unkind, punishing, or not compassionate towards yourself can dim your light very easily. One way to counter a negative thought is by imagining a stop sign in your mind. Choose to stop the thought and replace it with a more empowering one. If you’re having a hard time reframing the thought, take three deep breaths: this is known as a “pattern interrupt.”

Remember to love the part of you that’s having the thought. Be a parent to it. You wouldn’t punish your child for feeling bad, so why punish yourself? Be gentle with yourself and mindful of being kind to YOU.

When you focus on raising your vibration, you will automatically begin to tap into your charismatic and confident nature – helping you achieve whatever is on YOUR bucket list! You can do it!!!! I believe in YOU!



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