3 Tips to improve your mood

SparSeptember Newsletter Pickle Sister, have you ever had “one of those days”? You know, the days where everything just seems to go wrong? The more you wallow in how challenging things are, the worse they seem to get until you feel like you’re plummeting headlong into a downward spiral and the whole day is a bust?

Yeah… we’ve all had days like that.

But did you know that “upward spirals” happen, too?

That’s right, sweetness! In the same way our energies can spiral down, they can also spiral up and have you in a clearer and clearer space of love and exuberance as the day goes on.

The upward spiral is where magic happens. Out of the blue, someone will call you with an opportunity, or your partner will bring you a beautiful rose, or a stranger will give you a vibrant smile.

Upward spirals come from a place of connection, gratitude and joy. They happen when you’re living in a space of honoring your soul, opening your heart and thinking healthy, nurturing thoughts.

So, how can you create an upward spiral today?

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