Have a Passionate Love Affair with Summer

sherri articleWhen you think about summertime, does a big smile creep across your face? Summer is a season that evokes happy memories for many of us: the days are longer, the weather is inviting and it feels like opportunities for new adventures wait around every corner!

You don’t have to jet away on a luxury vacation to feel re-inspired and reinvigorated this season. Even if you have career or family obligations that keep you at home, you still have a chance to put the sparkle back into your step during the hottest months of the year.

Start by asking yourself these two questions… What can I do that will bring freshness to my life? What would I love?

Sometimes we forget how simple it can be to do things that we love. Bring some of your favorite aspects of summer to life by identifying what they are and planning to do them. A backyard BBQ, a special cake that your mother used to make every summer, a picnic at the park…

Imagine for a moment the first step you could take today to do something that really lights your fire.

Click here for ideas on how to create a passionate, sizzling summer!!

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4 Steps to reconnect if you are lonely in love

Lonely in LoveAre you sitting home with your partner, night after night, feeling lonelier than if you actually lived on your own? Do you long for the past when you and your honey were so connected you couldn’t wait to be with each other and share every detail of your day? Are you puzzled trying to remember how and when the disconnection began?

Sometimes love gets lonely. Even in the best relationship, you can occasionally feel alone and isolated. That sense of separateness can feel like a canyon dividing you’re relationship.

At some point, discussions about mutual interests, goals and dreams, stop entirely and conversations become purely transactional (e.g., “We need milk,” or “Did you remember to pay the water bill?”), or focused exclusively on the children.

We can also fall into daily routines that create both physical and emotional distance. For example, one person watches television in the den while the other is in the office on the computer. In short, we lose the love and the affection but we stay in the relationship creating the feeling of being lonely in love.

So, what is the real reason we become disconnected and lonely?

Here’s a hint – disconnect happens when you start living from your head instead of your heart.

It’s easy to slip into this scenario – he says something that hurts your feelings and suddenly you don’t feel so free to share your inner thoughts. That is when the wall goes up that blocks out love and connection.

If you’ve been lonely in love, you don’t need to accept your isolated situation. There are steps you can take to remove the blocks to connection and regain intimacy you once had with your partner.

Here are 4 Steps to Rekindle Love:

1. Take the initiative. If you’re lonely, chances are your partner is lonely too. You may both feel trapped in an unhealthy cycle of emotional disconnect. Take the reins and initiate a conversation for connection. Ask them for their views about something they care about and make sure to demonstrate you’re listening. Validate their thoughts and emotions. Don’t expect them to reciprocate right away, as habits take time to change. With time, they’re likely to warm up to your new found interest in connecting and reciprocate the attention.

2. Create shared experiences. Think back to the type of activities you used to enjoy together and make a list of things you and your partner can do together. Having trouble? You can start by suggesting activities that require little effort (which will minimize objections) such as taking a walk around the block or in the park, cooking a meal together, or watching a movie together. Take time to reminisce by watching your wedding video together (reminding yourselves of more connected times). Sharing pleasant experiences together is a sure fire way to bring back connection!

3. Practice patience and forgiveness. Chances are your partner won’t always do or say exactly what you expect them to. Be patient, understanding and forgiving. Remember your goal is to rekindle the love and not to focus on every transgression! Expressing more sympathy and understanding toward them will deepen your mutual bond.

4. Focus on the positive. Your thoughts are creating an energy in your relationship that can be felt as your “vibe”. If you’ve been focusing on everything that’s wrong with your relationship, chances are you’ve had a bad vibe and have been unhappy. Make efforts to shift your focus to the positive. Think about the things you love about your partner and the aspects of your relationship that you appreciate. Try writing your partner a love letter or simply make a list of all the reasons you married your spouse. These simple affirmative acts, practiced often, will help your union thrive.

Practicing these 4 steps will move you to a more loving state and can pave the way to a happier more connected relationship.

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Is your heart open to happiness? To love?

For blogsAloha!

I just had the most exhilarating experience – an early morning bike ride from the summit of Maui’s Haleakala with a group of vacationing adventure seekers (that’s me and my soul sister Saskia with our fearless biking leader in the pic above.)  As we winded down the volcano for 26 miles I felt fantastically alive with the wind on my skin, the beauty of the island, and the thrill of the ride shared with new friends. I am feeling so lit up and happy!

This trip was a huge reminder of what happens when you stay open and listen to your heart. It inspires newness, brings passion back into your life filling you with happiness. Wow, so simple, right? Sometimes we forget how easy it is to become happy. We forget we are always creating our lives with our behavior, thoughts, ideas.

How to open your heart to happiness and love

I recently watched a documentary on Happiness and how to achieve that in your life. What they said is that the key to happiness lay in the following formula or 5 must haves:

Click here to find out the 5 secrets to happiness

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How to open yourself up to great opportunities

3-23-2015 8-06-14 AMWho wants a summer filled with fun, love and great opportunities? I know I do!

As I write this I’m packing my bags, and about to leave for a vacation I’ve been SO looking forward to! I’m off to Hawaii for 6 days of research and rest with one of my favorite friends and I can’t wait!

I’m so excited to have a new adventure, share memories with my gal pal, discover beautiful sites and experiences for my upcoming retreat, and meet interesting new people.

I plan on having the most fun ever, but here’s the thing, having fun and being open to exciting opportunities is all in your head!

Let me tell you why.

The mind believes what we tell it, if you repeat over and over, that your life is challenging, you think you’re fat/ugly/too old/too whatever to have fun, find love, get great opportunities, the brain believes it!

It’s all a state of mind!

Right now you might be feeling less than excited about your day, it’s more about fulfilling responsibilities than a life. Of maybe you are in a chronic state of worry about what you don’t want to happen, or you are feeling lonely or sad. If you allow your mind to dwell and wallow in those places all the time you will stay STUCK exactly there.

So… what if you chose life-giving thoughts instead? Imagine waking up with a genuine, “I can’t wait to start my day” kind of attitude. When you put this kind of vibe out into the world it will change your life, get you unstuck, guaranteed.

All it takes is looking at each day as if you’re on vacation. Make fun a priority, and expect great things to happen.

It’s been scientifically proven that we attract what we put out. So embrace life with zest and zeal and the most outrageous things will begin to happen. Unlimited abundance. Magic. Plan to pinch yourself daily while shouting, “I LOVE my life!” Ahhh, bliss!

Think about how open and carefree you feel on vacation—it’s heaven! You tingle in anticipation of the new things you’ll see, the adventures you’ll have, the quality time you’ll spend with your loved ones, the rest and relaxation you’ll have at last. There are new friends to be made, new foods to be savored and new experiences to be had. Life outside your normal routine thrills your spirit and fills your body with excitement—you can practically taste the wonderful times ahead.

Opening yourself to new opportunities is about greeting each day with this same enthusiasm. Expect to have fun, expect good things to happen to you, expect things to go well for you, expect to see and do things that delight you.

All you have to do is conjure the feeling of being on holiday – the beauty is your mind doesn’t know the difference; it will help you attract glorious opportunities and outcomes to your day just because of that shift in energy.

If you are finding this mindset shift challenging pull out your favorite travel picture and put it where you will see it first thing in the morning. Gaze at the photo as long as necessary to recall the good times and feel yourself filling up with positive memories.

And then pay attention to life giving opportunities that come your way – stop saying no when your girlfriends invite you to the beach, or to get drinks, or (OH MY GOSH) to go out dancing. Say yes when your partner asks you to join him for some R & R – let your laundry list of “do’s” go – it will always be there. Get our of your own way so you can open yourself up to the fun and love you so deserve.

See these opportunities as an adventure! Jump In! Get Your Sparkle back!

You can’t experience life for all its joy, its fun and its abundant LOVE if you stay in a mindset that keeps you stuck. Step outside your comfort zone, accept that you need to be OPEN to new experiences!

If you are looking for a summer of fun, and hopefully LOVE, then its time to put yourself into a vacation vibe. Join a cooking class, or take on a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, like pottery, or a running club maybe, something that gets you into a mixed group of people around your age and who all have the same goal, to enjoy life!

If you have a great group of friends, make plans that will create opportunities for socializing and fun!

Here’s the secret: put yourself out there.

This summer, don’t be the one sitting at home wishing you were at the beach, or out having summer fun and lovin’ create the opportunities that put yourself ‘out there’ where fun and love can happen and watch your world and your happiness grow and soar!

Oh!! And bringing more happiness fun and love into your life has also been the topic of the online series I recently created, The Sparkle Summit, which you can still listen in on and better yet, get a copy of! Find out more here.


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12 Confidence boosters that are simple and work!

12 confidence boostersFor many years I let self-doubt, fear of being judged and criticized as well as worry about what others would think hold me back from pursuing my dreams of writing a book and living a bigger life. … and the lack of self-confidence that I needed to overcome my fear of not being good enough kept me stuck.

Sound familiar?

Most people face this faltering place at some point in their lives. The key question is: how do you overcome your fears?

What I’ve discovered is that fear is overcome with courage and action – consistent baby steps that build self-confidence and healthy self-esteem. With every step you start to believe in yourself a little more – you start to lean in and love yourself a little more – and with that you start emanating and projecting a certain magic mojo. Self-respect and confidence open up new possibilities and doors begin to open that move you in a whole new positive and exciting direction.

For me, developing my confidence is what helped me overcome my fear of not being good enough, and finally pursue my dreams.

I still have that old fear crop up sometimes. But now I know that I can beat it, that I can break through that wall of fear and come out on the other side victorious and more confident for having had the courage to try.

I’ve practiced boosting my confidence to overcome fear many times over the years, and that success fuels further success. It’s something that I now teach my coaching clients; how to build confidence and create happiness one step at a time.

It is possible, and actually exhilarating, to take control of your life by taking control of your self-confidence. When you take actions that improve your competence and your self-image, you can increase your confidence and go forward with gusto. Yeah baby!

Below, I outline 12 things that will help you instantly boost the confidence you need to move in the direction of your dreams. Self-confidence creates positive changes. Your dreams truly are attainable. By making one choice at a time, you can choose to experience all that you desire. The sky is the limit!
None of these tricks is something you don’t already know – in fact some of them are very simple. But sometimes we need a reminder because sometimes that part of us that doesn’t want to move forward likes to make things complicated so we stay stuck. Let’s change that pronto!!!

I promise you that as you take new actions, your results will change. By making new choices frequently you will develop new habits. And, fresh habits will change the fabric of your life so that it unfolds in new and exciting ways. These 12 tricks are some of my favorite things, stuff that’s worked for me.

Pick and choose those that appeal to you, maybe just a couple at first, and give them a try. Have fun with this!

12 Tricks to boost confidence – Go for it with gusto

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The secret to staying in your sparkling essence…for good!

may 21 articleOld habits die-hard.

So how do you get your sparkling essence – that Leading Lady you’ve been lassoing – to stick to you like glue and enjoy doing it?

Here’s what you need to know.

We talked about creating your vision for your Leading Lady a few weeks ago {catch up on that article here} and then we talked about manifesting your Leading Lady into your life [this one was fun, read it here} so today is all about keeping your Leading Lady from running off into the wings and putting you right back where you started!

Love on your Leading Lady like the Sparkling Star she is!

If you were dying to meet one of the A list Hollywood stars like Helen Mirren, or Charlize Theron, or maybe Meryl Streep, and you managed to by some stretch of the imagination, get them to hang out with you, you wouldn’t then ignore them, or treat them rudely or worse, not show up right?!

You’d be crazy!!!

But that’s exactly what you are doing if you have gone to the trouble of making an effort to transform yourself into your Leading Lady and then neglect her, ignore her, and go back to your old habits that made you unhappy in the first place.

You gotta show your LL the LOVE baby! You gotta show her what it means to be the diamond star in your life! Treat the new you like the A list superstar that you are and she will want to stick around!

Here’s the thing, going from waiting in the wings of your own life to Leading Lady isn’t hard, but it can be a tough road to getting clarity on what you need to do. It doesn’t have to be like that.

When I created and manifested my Leading Lady status, I had the love and support of my friends… AND I had my coach, who was like a voice in my ear every time I was about to fall back and out of the spotlight. Support is key, actually is downright necessary.

And that made me think about you, I want to give you all the tools to succeed, so here’s what I’m doing.

This week and for part of next week, I’m opening up 7 spots on my calendar for what I’m calling “Become the Leading Lady: Reawaken your Sparkle & make it last”.

These are 20-minute strategy calls, one on one, and there is no charge, Holy Moly! Grab one now 

It’s the kick-start you need, or the butt kicking if you fell behind, to getting the sparkle back in your life and making it stick!

Check out what one of my clients Sarah-Jane says about how potent our time together is ….

“I had wanted to post here last week to say how amazing I am finding the coaching calls. Truth be known, I was ready to pack my bags and leave my marriage the week leading up to my first coaching call (I even had visually decorated all the rooms in my new home – that I still had to find!). Sherri immediately identified the underlying issue and we worked on it using the PSYCH-K posture. Things improved immediately and then when I hit another block last week and was literally on my knees and in such emotional pain, again she was able to identify the core issue and teach me another amazing technique to resolve it.

What that woman can achieve in just 15 minutes is phenomenal!

Not only has she helped me heal my relationship with my husband, but she has helped me heal my relationship with me too – THAT being the biggest barrier to any other relationship I would or could ever have with another person.

Thank you from the bottom of my self-loving heart!”

“Thank you for all the work you have done with me Sherri – it has been a huge catalyst for change and growth. My relationship is stronger than ever and things are so much more effortless….” ~ Sarah-Jane Scotland

Take this gift I’m offering, and lets set you up to be on track for some Leading Lady status…PRONTO!

I can’t wait to help you be the sparkling star you are! Get your free call with me here 

It’s totally ok to share this opportunity with a friend that you know needs this loving push, share this link with them and let’s get them on their Leading Lady stardom track! 


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6 Steps to Make your Leading Lady Debut

6 Steps to Make your Leading Lady DebutWhoa! I received some amazing feedback from last weeks article called “Are You Leading Lady Material” (if you missed it, read it here before reading on)

The timing of this series on being your Leading Lady is key; we just celebrated Mothers Day in North America, a day where we celebrate mothers and the integral role they play in our lives.

Clients tell me that after they have kids they lose their sense of self, and after the kids grow up, they find it hard to find them selves again.

Ever seen an ‘Empty Nester’ go a bit hog wild? They join every class, do every activity and become a social butterfly. Or they become a house hermit, and getting them to come out for coffee is like pulling teeth? Big extremes but the same problem – women who have lost touch with their Leading Lady status.

So last week we wrote out the characteristics of our Leading Lady, and we created a vision board of everything she embodies. We visited that board twice a day because images and repetition are what rewire our brain and change our energetic vibration.

This week we are going to ground that Leading Lady with a system I call:

6 Principles for Becoming the Sparkling Leading Lady of Your Life

Step 1: Awareness

Becoming aware of what is lacking in your life and raising your awareness on what you want to be in your life is the first key step. Its easy to keep focusing on anything and everything but YOU. But trust me darlin’, turn the spotlight on you, it’s time to take center stage!

Step 2: You have to Want It

If you are like many women, you will put EVERYONE and everything ahead of yourself. At some point in our lives, we accepted that putting everyone else first was our role, but all that accomplishes is to run your well of energy and vibrancy dry.

Time to put yourself FIRST and WANT IT. Understand that self-love and putting your needs at center stage doesn’t make you selfish or a bad mother, partner, lover etc. It really makes you a better one!! Tell yourself each day, several times a day – “I am the Leading Lady of my life! I deserve to be Happy!”

Step 3: Decision to Commit

The way you think creates a pattern of vibration. As soon as you make the decision to commit to being your Leading Lady, you change your frequency. Stepping up and into commitment creates resolve. When you decide you are “all in”, closing all back doors, you bring life to your Leading Lady! Decisions are powerful they change the trajectory of your life. Make the decision to remind yourself you deserve the spotlight in your life. Time to Level Up baby!!!

Step 4: Commitment

I talk about commitment a lot, it can sound like a broken record, but I do this because so many of us start something and we stop, we give up, or we change direction. When what we need to do is trust ourselves, and commit to our decisions until we follow through. Do this! It will change your life!

Step 5: Accountability

Sticking to your commitment can be tough, I know, so find yourself an accountability partner, someone who you can check in with, who knows your goal and who can call you out when you start to lose focus or change direction. I have an accountability partner for my biz and another for my fitness and let me tell you, it really makes a difference!! It keeps us aligned and accountable to our decisions. Studies show that 98% of the people who achieve the results they desire have a structure of support. It also makes this MORE FUN, when you can share this journey to Leading Lady status with someone else.

Step 6: Discipline & Focus

Congrats! Step 6 is here. You’ve stepped into new beliefs and behaviors and increased your energetic vibration, you’ve set up an accountability structure and now your biggest task is to STICK TO IT!

If you told yourself right now, to get up, and go for a walk, or book that manicure you’ve been dying for, can you follow through with it? Or when you give yourself a command, do you find yourself formulating an excuse not to do it right away?

Time to hold yourself accountable, be disciplined and focus girlfriend! Getting to your Sparkling self takes some work, but it doesn’t have to be lacking in fun. When I am disciplined and I follow through with my commands, I reward myself! And I make sure the reward is worth it!!!

Make sure that if you’ve come this far, you stay disciplined! You owe it to yourself to get to the bonus step!

Bonus Step: Visioning and Limelight Celebration!

CONGRATULATIONS Sister!! This is the bonus celebration step.

When you’ve completed the previous 6 steps, you’ve created your vision for your Leading Lady, now the bonus step is about envisioning to solidify and make the changes you’ve done PERMANENT. How do we do this? We hook into the senses; sight, smell, taste, touch…. If your Leading Lady wears Chanel No 5, then every morning spritz that amazing and timeless perfume on baby! Keep hooking into your senses with the vision board you created from the last post and watch your outer world take notice as your vibrations rise to delicious heights.

Be ready for the comments sister – “There’s something different about you!” or “Wow, you look amazing! How did you do it?”

Celebrate this step, and yourself, for making lasting change in your life that will benefit you, and everyone in your life!

Being your own Leading Lady and showing up in the world in your unique and amazing way is going to change your life, and I cannot wait to see what incredible sparkling changes you manifest into your life!

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Are You Leading Lady Material?

may newsletterWho do you want to become?

In the movie version of your life, are you the Leading Lady you always thought you would be? Are you living the life you want? Or are you stuck in the wings, afraid to step out and into the spotlight and own your divine power in this world?

God, the divine, a higher power…whatever you believe in, intended you to live an empowered existence, and to experience life in the highest and happiest way possible.

If you are sitting reading this thinking… YES! I am so NOT living my life to the fullest, or owning my Leading Lady life, then stay with me, because making the change from hiding in the wings to standing in your personal sparkling spotlight is easier than you think honeychild!

What does it take to be a Leading Lady?

Well look no further than Hollywood “A” list stars for examples. What do they have in common? They exude confidence and self-assurance, its clear that they love and respect themselves and those around them. There’s this magnetic energy that surrounds them and draws you in, that’s why their movies and red carpet events get so much attention!

Here’s how to start the journey to becoming your own sparkly Leading Lady.

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5 Self-Love Tips to Fuel the Soul

I love me
Self Love Fuels the soul.

It’s that simple, it’s that perfect.

So today, I’m going to pretend it’s you and me, sitting in our favorite hangout having our favorite beverage together. I’m looking at you from across the table and I say…

“Girl you are overdue for some hardcore, down to the marrow self love. Let’s clear a day for you THIS WEEK so you can refuel, recharge and treat yourself like the amazing woman you are!! “

Then, we’d go to our favorite store and you’d buy some bath oils, a new cushy robe maybe and those thingies you put between your toes when you get a pedicure. Yup we would go all out for your needed self love at home SPA DAY.

Doesn’t that sound great?

Reality is, that unless I am right there next to you, encouraging you to take a morning off from everyone and spend it on yourself, you might not do it.

But let’s change that!

By making yourself a priority, you can more easily make others important as well.

Here’s some Self Love Day suggestions that will fill you up and make you sparkle! (make time for a self love day at least once a month!)

1. Make a homemade sugar body scrub – mix together honey and raw sugar and rub this on your body in the shower brushing off and washing away all the dead skin. As you do so imagine you are scrubbing off all the negative clinging issues that make you feel unlovable and/or low. You’ll feel fresh, polished and prettyJ)

2. Have an I Love You bath or shower. Get a white soap like Dove and work it into a lather all over your body. You should be able to ‘write’ on your body and see it. Write I love you on your arm, and say out loud “I love you arm, you help me hold the hand of my partner, or you helped me cradle my children” and praise that body part. Do the same to your breasts, belly, your legs, even your bottom! Praise every body part, and then lovingly wash off the soap. You will feel so much love for your body.

3. Write a yourself a love letter! Write a love letter to yourself describing everything that you love and find amazing about yourself. Use your favorite pen and some pretty paper and have fun with it! Share with yourself how proud you are of what you’ve accomplished. If any negative speak comes into your head, brush it away- physically brush it from your body and keep writing!

4. Give your hair a loving treatment! Get an old towel and wet your hair. Rub several tablespoons of Coconut oil into your hair and wrap in the towel. Leave it in for a few hours – the perfect time to read a juicy fiction or watch a movie- then wash as normal, your hair will feel so silky and nourished!

5. Give yourself a mani or pedi or both! You can buy DIY kits at most drugstores. Paint your nails a bright SELF LOVE red and every time you look at your handiwork, you will feel that love!
It doesn’t take much effort to create a day of love for yourself, you can do anything that resonates with you, just be sure that you are using positive words of love for yourself, it really makes a difference!

The words we say to ourselves carry an energetic vibration that is very powerful!

I want you to be very aware of your self-talk during your self-love day. Dr Masaru Emoto’s studies show that the way we speak to ourselves carries its own energetic weight.

For instance, in one of his experiments conducted with words and music there were two glasses of water, drawn from an identical water source. On each glass were written words. One glass has positive messages written on it, and the other, negative messages. The water was left to sit in the glasses for a while then the water was looked at under a microscope.

What they discovered is astounding!!

The molecules of water that were in the glass with the positive words scrawled on it looked like snowflakes, they were beautiful, and reflected light like prisms. BEAUTIFUL.

On the other hand, the water molecules that were left to sit in the glass with the negative message written on it, when they were examined were shockingly black and yellow and looked horrible!

Click here to watch a 3 minute video showing Dr. Emoto’s findings 

Let’s share our self-love days!

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15 Minutes to Clarity

article-2061094-0EC403A500000578-694_468x463I LOVE spring, and for so many reasons! One of them is that spring makes everything new again. A new beginning, a renewal, a rejuvenation, and an amazing time to take a deep dive into the ocean of YOU and see what you find.

Spring also reminds of my childhood and I was thinking about that this weekend. When I was a kid, my mother would do a huge Spring Cleaning. She’d open all the windows, wash the drapes, and do a total top to bottom clean and de-cluttering of the house. There was something about getting rid of all the clutter accumulated over the winter that felt so freeing, and the house felt so much bigger, brighter and open.

The same applies to your life and your ability to think clearly.

I have clients who tell me that they cannot think straight because of the clutter in their lives – both mental and physical. When you are surrounded by clutter, it robs you of your creativity. Think about that – I know if I have a ton of things on my mind like I have lately with the sale of my father’s home, I find it hard to generate new ideas, or be in my creative power.

It drives me nuts! But I have the solution – so keep reading baby!

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