How to get over your ex

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Do you still carry a torch for your ex? Do you feel like no matter what you try you can’t let go? It’s like he’s claimed squatting rights in your mind and you can’t kick him out! 

Not the best scenario – especially this time of year…everyone knows summer is the time for LOVE!

Over the years, I have witnessed clients, friends and even strangers so hooked into their past relationships that they let LOVE slip through their fingers during these warm sunny months.…so I have a question for you?

Who is responsible for the care of your heart?

Who decides how you are loved and respected and who you show love and respect to?

Don’t answer too quickly. Take a breath and go deep. Could you have given that job to someone who is no longer with you? Are you blaming yourself or him for the failings of your lost love?

If you answer yes, don’t despair. I know what it is like to mistakenly place responsibility for my happiness squarely on the shoulders of someone else and I also know how to reclaim my magnificence and today I know my value.

Why is it important to extricate yourself from the past while maintaining respect for your Ex? Simple.

Respect is a gift only you can give and allows you to step into your future gracefully. But how can you respect someone who has let you down or broken your heart?

Now that the bond is broken and he has moved on, your ability to regroup and rebuild your self esteem will go much faster if you appreciate the good and the bad that your Ex brought into your life. Yes, even the BAD.

The dictionary defines respect as holding in high esteem and honor. If your Ex has behaved badly, you might think you are excused from respecting him. Not so fast, another meaning of respect is to refrain from intruding on or interfering.

If you are imposing yourself into his world by holding on to his offenses, of course you cannot hold him in high esteem and honor. Respect for an Ex is doable when you see it as a withdrawal of your attention. As you refrain from “pushing” your energy into his world, you are being respectful.

Sure it hurt when he “rejected” you by breaking up but I bet you anything that you got so involved with him and his life that you have taken all the focus off your wonderful self. It is time for YOU! Here is a short Self Respect quiz to check it out:

1. When is the last time you congratulated yourself for completing an important project or do you always see what you didn’t get done?

2. Do you notice when you are tired and stop to nurture yourself or are you driven to manic activity with no rest?

3. Are you an over achiever pushing yourself constantly and never feeling good enough?

4. Do you compare yourself to others and see yourself as less than they are?

5. Are you stuck blaming him for your low self-esteem?

In other words, do you respect, love and totally accept yourself?

If you don’t treat yourself well, no one else will either. You teach others how to respect you by how you respect yourself.

So ask yourself, “Am I willing to find the roots of my lack of self respect?” If the answer is yes, you will find clues in life patterns that started in childhood. I know, I know, there is nothing new about looking into your childhood, but here’s a new twist.

You learn about respect from the way your parents treated one another. If judging and blaming was the norm, chances are you suffered from emotional and verbal abuse, not because your parents meant to harm you but because they were blind to how their actions were impacting you.

If you only got positive attention when you accomplished something, you can bet you confused those accolades for LOVE. Women who battle performance addiction and are insatiable people pleasers are my favorite clients! Once you know how to unleash your god-given spark…what you were put here to express, there is no holding you back!

Even though as a child, you didn’t have the ability to sort out fact from fiction and believed everything your parents and authority figures told you, once you find your sparkle, your truth, you will finally see that their beliefs were based on THEIR experiences and had nothing to do with you at all.

The truth is, they meant no harm—they were just repeating the patterns they grew up with. The big difference is that you are reading articles like this. You WANT to change your patterns. You WANT to find LOVE and SELF RESPECT.

What you must get is that your current view of yourself is not who you are. The reality is you were born perfect. A shimmering diamond of light vibrates at the core of your being. This is your true identity. This unique essence, your truth, is so incredibly SPECIAL and VALUABLE that when you start to claim it, you feel the Real Love you were born to experience.

Here is a short exercise to help you take steps right now to find that Inner Sparkle that will set you free to find the Love you deserve:

Sit in a comfortable chair and take several deep breaths. Allow your body to relax and sink into the chair. Imagine a beam of pure, sparkling Divine white light coming down from the heavens and shining on you like a spotlight on a dark stage.

See the darkness around you and feel the warmth and comfort of this pure light. Now let the light enter in to the top of your head illuminating you from within. Imagine this light dropping to the core of your Being, see your heart light up just like a Tiffany diamond showcased under the brightest of lights.

Like a lotus flower of light, notice how the facets of this gem open into new waves of sparkling electricity with every breath. Repeat this simple phrase 7 times. “I am open to the magnificence that is me.” Each time you connect to this energy, you will feel a deeper connection. Once you turn your attention inward and seek your Divine Spark, your Ex will be the farthest thing from your mind and heart.

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5 Tips to Titillating Romance

couple-white-dress-beach-392x360Do you crave romance? Is your relationship suffering from a loss of passion? Let’s face it – if you’ve settled into a rather routine life together the tingles do go away. Like everything in life that’s of value to you, time and attention are needed to keep it sparkling.
Every week I have clients asking me how to bring the passion back into their love life – so if you are like so many women who are starving for affection and dream of being ravished take some time to read how you can take the bull by the horns and bring things back to life.

This article was originally written for Valentine’s day but considering we have just entered the romantic months of summer I thought it a good idea to repeat this article because romance should never be relegated to just one day a year but instead reveled in consistently and constantly:)

So if romance is missing in your relationship take time right now to read this article and make a plan to rev up your romantic life!

Once upon a time, you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. You strolled hand in hand stealing kisses in shadowy places. He snuggled close to hold you on the couch. He planned dates, surprised you with gifts and texted you with naughty innuendos.

In those days, love was so easy. Chemistry ruled the day and starry eyed, you dreamed of the future you were sure was destined for you as a couple.

Fast forward 5 years…

Ahhhh the warm sensual days of summer have arrived…thoughts of romantic adventures dance thru your mind…until you stop and remember that the original heat, fire and chemistry are long ago forgotten, you and your sweetheart have settled into life. Children may have arrived on the scene or your two careers may be absorbing a big chunk of your time. Economic worries and aging parents might be pulling at your heart.

Things have changed between you and your man and you are not happy about it, right?

If you are like most of the women who contact me every day about their lackluster love lives, I bet your life is scheduled in lines and columns on a spread sheet. Did you know that this manic need to organize your time is part of the masculine energy that has been running your life?

More true than ever before, as women are stepping up to match men in earning power, being feminine is often viewed as being weak. Let me tell you a little secret, nothing could be farther from the truth. There is nothing more powerful than a woman in touch with her inner essence, that charismatic sparkle.

That sparkle, the shining light in the core of your being is leading you, whether you are aware of it or not, to the truth of who you are. Your masculine hard working self is important and you need it but unless you know how to access your femininity, your man will see you as a friend or buddy but not as a lover.

If you are living like roommates and you long for the days when you couldn’t get enough of each other, here is a plan just for you.
Click here for your 5 step plan to romance
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Why You Should Stop Trying To Be Superwoman

woman-superhero-flying-600x360As women, we’re encouraged to “claim our feminine power.” But how? And what exactly is feminine power anyway?

The whole idea has been a bit confusing for forward-thinking females ever since the ’60s, and the women who have tried to claim their feminine power have experienced not only a loss of connection, balance, and intimate bonding in relationships, but a loss of personal happiness too.

With so few powerful feminine role models for women to emulate, “power” has been misinterpreted as masculine. And, as we donned the man’s boot, his uniform and became fluent in the man’s language, yes, we gained material success, but we lost the art and pleasure of being a woman.

Between daily demands, never-ending to-do lists, care-giving, and single-parenting, life is be overwhelming enough. And living at such a frenetic pace can lull you into a false sense of happiness . After all, you are doing all the right things, so life is good, right? Meanwhile, deep down there’s this nagging little voice that won’t go away, telling you there’s something missing. And there is.

To put it simply, you’ve lost touch with your feminine essence. Consequently, romantic relationships are either suffering or non-existent. Instead of soft, fun, flowing conversations, G-force power struggles are dominating.

That playful, sexy spirit got buried along with passionate, romantic adventures. Like many women, you may feel and look like a diamond in the rough rather than an enchantress lit by her own inner glow.

Fortunately, finding the road back to your sparkling diamond essence — what I believe is your true feminine power — is easier than you think … but you’ll need to identify and give up distractions that are toxic to your connection…to your authentic self.

So, no more saying “yes” to every request that comes your way. Let your drama queen friend cry on someone else’s shoulder. Set boundaries with your kids, mate, boss and anyone else who crosses the line.

Let go of the rescue role. Most importantly, trade some of your daily to-dos for some personal pampering pleasures. Here is a short list of ways you can feed your feminine essence:

1. Go outside. Step out into nature and allow yourself to connect with simply being — being present and taking in the beauty and majesty of all the outdoors has to offer.

2. Get creative. Live fully and find ways to express your playful and creative self.

3. Get spiritual. Renew your spiritual foundation.

4. Get passionate. Connect with your passions.

5. Get moving. Connect with your sensuality through dance. Put on your favorite song and let your hips sway and revel in the joy of being a woman.

6. Indulge. Eat or drink something that makes you feel decadent, delicious and honored.

7. Spritz away. Dab an essential oil like rose or ylang ylang on your ankles and wrists and in your cleavage. The scent will bring joyful intoxication.

8. Lotion with love. Take a few minutes before you slip into bed at night to lotion your body with loving caresses. Choose something lovely like lavender or create your own unique blend with a drop of jasmine or gardenia.

9. Concede. Give up the need to be right. How To Respect Yourself & Your Ex

10. Open up. Open your heart by meditating and sending a stream of pink light to every person who has shown you kindness and/or been there for you.

So, now you know—your feminine power is your feminine essence. It’s that simple. As women, we need to anchor in our feminine essence and let it rise to the surface and spill out so we can share the truth of who we are more freely and fully.

Our power comes from claiming that raw feminine essence. Rather than searching for what we can “do” to make ourselves more special, more unique, more attractive, more successful, it’s time to honor that we are perfect as we are. We are irresistible, sparkling diamonds. All we need to do is start claiming and proclaiming it!

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This is for women who want to increase their lovin’ vibrations!

final june 8

Just got back from a whirlwind week fulfilling a few of of my bucket list dreams! Went to Baltimore (a city I’ve always wanted to go to and fell in love with) to attend a powerful Dream Building event and then spent a few days in the Big Apple (a city I LOVE and haven’t visited for over a decade!) for a fun girlfriend get away!!! 

Picnicking in Central Park, shopping at my favorite store and drooling over my favorite feminine, sexy, classy designer shoes (Manolo Blank), drinking my 1/2 caff Americano’s in charming cafe’s, and walking the tree lined streets of Manhattan, I felt myself spinning like a top and becoming my most vivacious Self. 
Getting scooped up into this glorious vortex of New York energy brought out the best in both my friend and me and whatever we wanted we seemed to manifest instantly – it was magical. Exciting and soooo joyful!!

And it made me think of you…sometimes we need a new experience or a boost to get our authentic happiness mojo flowing.

Would you like to know one of the most powerful ways to increase your vava-voom feminine essence and love vibration so you can create the sensual, zestful, playful life you desire?

The truth is, most women want to feel their feminine radiance, their sensuality and their divine – yes, it is divine! – feminine power. Why? Because when you feel these things, when you live in them, life is more joyful than you can imagine.

Unfortunately, many of us women have gotten trapped in a cycle of “take charge, get it done” energy. We’re out of balance, trying to control everything, and feeling stressed about life in general.

Truthfully, even the most evolved woman will occasionally feel out of touch with her strengths.

And you know what, ~Contact.FirstName~? When we’re out of touch with our strengths, we lose the ability to attract men ( or keep the man in our life hooked in), we lose the natural feminine sparkle we were born with, and we stop having fun.

Life starts to feel like a chore instead of a magical, wonderful adventure.

Owning your authentic feminine essence is the most magnetic power a woman can possess…and if you’re feeling out of sorts due to stress or misaligned energy, you won’t want to miss my upcoming webinar: Good Lovin’ Vibrations!

You see, years ago I discovered that when Tuning Fork Sound Therapy is combined with guided visualization, we women can step into our magnificent feminine radiance almost effortlessly.

We can let go of the stress and compulsive negative thought patterns and instead walk into an alluring realm where we easily create passion and zest for life!

And you’d better believe that men are wildly attracted to this energy.

So, if you’ve been feeling…

  • Overwhelmed, anxious, and lackluster…
  • Like men just don’t look at you anymore…
  • Like the pizzazz has simply left your current relationship (or your dating life, if you’re single)…

…Then I highly suggest that you join me on Wednesday, June 15th for a complimentary webinar, Good Lovin’ Vibrations!

>>> Click HERE to register for the event 

On the webinar, I’m going to tell you exactly how Tuning Fork Sound Therapy works and how you can use it right away to start feeling more energized, playful and fulfilled in your life.

Trust me, as soon as you open the door to this incredible and deep work, your life will feel much different.

I can’t wait to see you there!



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This habit keeps you from love- do you have it?

263-snooty-unfriendly-womanHave you ever made a judgment or jumped to an unsavory conclusion before giving someone or something a chance?

Perhaps taking a firm stance, getting all rigid and closed off – absolutely certain you are right?!

Boy I sure have – not a pretty picture!

As a matter of fact I remember a time I tried out a new church a few years back. As I parked my car and started walking down the sidewalk towards the sanctuary I found myself immediately going into judgment- ugh, church in an industrial park? The people here don’t look like “my peeps”. It doesn’t have that “feeling” that makes me comfortable blah, blah, blah.

Sound familiar? Have you made similar assumptions?

I let my discomfort get the best of me and I felt myself contracting, my heart closing and disconnecting from the people in the room and then feeling a little superior (a common defense mechanism that pops up when you are feeling insecure, like you don’t fit in) Nonetheless, geeeeez! In church yet!

Then I remembered a powerful phrase my work out coach had given me – I’m paraphrasing here but the gist of it is….

Click here to learn the tool I used to open myself up to this new experience, how it helped me and how you can use it too

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2 little words that bring more LOVE to your life

Your sister sends you a text. She needs help with the kids tomorrow afternoon so she can get to the hairdresser appointment she scheduled for herself a month ago.

Your best friend calls. She’s had a fight with her man and wants to vent. Your boss calls and asks if you can show up to work an hour earlier than usual and plan to work an extra shift because a co-worker just called in sick. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

When your friend called, you were about to run out the door for a jog. You, too, had a hair appointment scheduled for tomorrow, in dire need of your own “root control,” plus had made plans to meet up with another friend after work tonight. But, how can you tell these people who need you about your own plans? You decide you can’t. You won’t. You’ll suck it up and be there for those reaching out to you. After all, they need your help more than you need anything for yourself. Right?

Are you a nurture ninja? Is it normal for you to set aside your own needs? Do you sometimes dismiss that you have needs of your own?

After you call everyone back and let them know you’ll be there, you look in the mirror and wonder where your youthful glow has gone. You wonder when you lost the sparkle in your eyes.

Maybe you don’t see the connection between your need to take care of everyone else and your feeling of exhaustion. So take a moment now and let it land. How long can you go on like this, giving to everyone else-putting them first and you last-before you have nothing left to give?

The long and short answer is not for long. A lot more is at stake than your glow and sparkle. As hard as it is to lose your luster, even worse will be the loss of your health and vitality.

It’s actually more simple than you think to turn the titanic around LOL – it can easily be done with 2 simple words.

As we are about to step into summer, I invite you to make a promise to reconnect with your diamond power, that radiance you were born with-your authentic YOU. How can you begin to rediscover your vibrant self? The first place to start is to practice saying the word “NO.” Go ahead-say it with me now. NO! Say it again. Say it over and over until it doesn’t cause you to get a knot in your stomach. See if you can say it until you actually smile as you speak the word.

Next, practice saying the word “YES.” Go ahead and say it now. YES! Visualize saying “yes” to something you desire for yourself and continue to say it until you’re able to say “yes” with ease.

Now that you’ve practiced saying these two little words, think of situations when you’ve said “yes” to someone else but really wanted to say “no.”

Consider why you weren’t able to say “no.”

* Were you trying to please someone else?
* Did you want to be liked or accepted by that person?
* Were you programmed from childhood to put yourself last?
* Were you raised to believe that saying “yes” to yourself meant you were acting selfishly?
* Were you afraid of losing love if you said “no”?

Saying “no” to someone else means that you will be able to say “yes” to you. It represents showing yourself love in the same way you strive to show others love. Saying “yes” to you is healthy! It is a means of nurturing and honoring yourself.

To saying yes to YOU,

Sherri signature

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How to stop doing everrrything and get some support!

Woman with a Headache

Did you know you have an ally? It’s true, your fabulous feminine side is waiting in the wings to help you reinvent your life!

Thank goodness, because have you ever felt like it’s up to you to do everrrrrrrrrything?

Sure you’re capable, competent and a rock star woman who can handle anything, but deep down don’t you long for a man to step up to the plate and take over at times? I mean mama mia come on now, some support would be nice, right?

I totally hear you. When I was married I was always caught up in this conflict- wanting my other half to take care of something, anything – but if I had to wait longer than a nanosecond it was too late, I took it on myself. Because I could do it quicker and better myself…sound familiar, love?

Well this proved pretty disastrous in my relationship and when things crumbled I had to cop to the fact I’d been living in my masculine energy way more than my feminine.

Why this is important for you:

Maybe you’re noticing you’re living a similar action oriented life and are feeling EXHAUSTED but not sure how to get off the hamster wheel.

Click here to learn a simple fun technique to turn things around

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Raise your LOVE vibe in 60 seconds

When I woke up this morning I was thinking about you.

Wondering what I could share with you today that would bring more love and joy into your life – not just in this moment but repeatedly, in your everyday life.  Something simple and powerful.

And instantly a successful technique that I use and teach my clients popped into my mind.

This process not only opens and softens your heart; it raises your love vibe within 60 seconds.

What you need to know:

If you want to attract more love into your life it’s crucial to BE in the same vibration.  You know that saying, “water finds its own level?” well it’s the same with love and actually everything in life – you must BE what you desire in order to draw it to you.

Using this technique before a book signing not only allowed me to experience amazing heartfelt connections, it brought opportunity too; a very cute guy asked me out and a lovely lady invited me to do 3 more book signings at different locations.

Click on the video below – I want you to attract whatever it is your heart desires, so watch this short 2 minute video to get your love vibe soaring!!!



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How to let go of the past

May 5 2016 articleAre you blaming yourself for past relationship problems? Here is the answer you have been looking for.
Everyone knows spring is the time for fresh new starts and cleaning out the clutter….but what if you are still haunted by your Ex or a partner’s affair? Over the years, I have watched my clients, friends and even strangers so hooked into their past dramas that they weren’t in a space to let new LOVE in.…so I have a question for you?
Have you delegated the care of your heart to someone who is either no longer with you or doesn’t deserve that precious gift? Are you blaming yourself or him for the failings of your lost love?
If you answered yes, you are not alone. Many women are in the same boat. I too mistakenly placed responsibility for my happiness squarely on the shoulders of someone else in the past but thankfully I learned the tools to reclaim my Diamond Power and today I know my value.
Why is it important to make peace with past or troubled relationships? Simple. Now that the bond is broken,
Click here to discover how to let go of the past
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4 easy ways to create connection

April 21 2016 imageHave you ever been in a situation where you really wanted to create connection with someone and either couldn’t find any common ground or got anxious and clammed up?

It’s frustrating when you deeply desire a kindred spirit relationship and it just doesn’t seem possible, isn’t it? When that distance comes flooding in do you start to feel hollow and lonely, isolated, slamming yourself with, “what’s wrong with me, why can’t I open up and connect?”

It’s true, we just naturally hit it off with some people where we struggle with others (especially if we have a “past” with them and can’t let it go – we tend to over analyze what we think we should say and it comes out stiff or guarded – no connection going to happen that way:).

So how do you “create” connection?

It’s actually easier than you think. Here are 4 simple ways to engage with others – do any one of these and you will feel your hearts start to open and sync with each other.

#1 – Playfulness – playing leads to a more joyful state of being – the big benefits here are that it leads to more happiness and joy – and who doesn’t want to be around someone who is happy? It also keeps you present – most of us spend the majority of our time in the past or in the future which keeps us separate and isolated. In order to connect we have to be present. When you are light and playful your message is much more likely to be heard and taken in.

#2 Come from your heart and not your head – People connect when they feel you. Coming from your head creates separation and puts up an invisible wall – it can make a man feel like a servant. When you come from your heart you pull him in and he feels like they are part of the situation. Total win-win.

#3 – Eyes – when you look directly into someone’s eyes it creates an immediate connection. Think about it – when you talk to someone are you busy gathering up things or multi-tasking? This will make the other person feel unimportant, disconnected and they’ll soon tune out.

#4 – Relatedness – you may say you want to connect but how are you living your life? Are you waiting for men to approach you or are you reaching out? Do you avoid carpooling or interacting with others? Can’t wait to get home and watch a movie or read a book or get on the internet? We feel alone and lonely when we don’t connect – we are meant to be there for each other.

Voila! Now that you’ve got 4 great ways to connect go out there and make it happen!!

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